Weekend Plans?


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What is everyone up to this weekend? Anyone feeling the Xmas cheer yet? :p:lol::p

My Xmas party is this Friday.....should be interesting, we have no budget whatsoever this year (people in Accounts reckon we are allocated a glass and a half of wine each :eek::lol:), party is being held at an Oriental restaurant in Green Park, West End of London. Should be good regardless of "budget", there is quite a good crowd at work who love a good laugh after a few drinks.

Saturday probably be nursing a hangover. Dont even want to attempt to do any Xmas shopping, doing most of mine online this year 8) Parents taxi for the evening later on.

Sunday maybe go for a nice massage/body scrub in the morning courtesy of a voucher a friend got me for my b.day. May venture to Bluewater for the afternoon/evening.
This week just flew by! :oops: 19 days until Christmas vacation :D

Friday - Pre-party drinks with the gang at Krysha Mira. Subsequent stops at either Famous for Chus & Ceballos or Solyanka for an album presentation and live club performance by D-Pulse (thank Olly for turning me on to these guys). Probably Solyanka...

Saturday - Watch a bit of football. Later it's either Discoteque for Sander Kleinenberg or Milk for Cream with Pete Tong (???). Probably Discoteque...

Sunday - Rest, relax, try and fail to get stuff done around the house.
Was supposed to have a job interview this morning but was informed when i got there they need to reschedule it till next week:cry:
Tonight meeting up with gf , she thinks she's gona be made redundant so will probs be drowning sorrows at a pub near brixton hill.

Saturday - apparently is Dutch Christmas!?? might be going to a dutch pub in central for a boozey afternoon of pint swashing!
tonight - putting up the xmas tree and decs etc. Lets see how long the baubles etc stay on the tree with a curious toddler running around.

tomorrow - probably putting all the baubles etc back on the tree then off to the winter wonderland in the park near us for a spot of ice skating, santas grotto and some festive booze

(well it was either that or join all my mates at the "tingle creek" :evil:)

sooooooo rock,n roll!!
Tonight - local Sri Lankan restaurant for din dins

Tomorrow - Ian Brown @ Brixton Academy, try very hard to get the tube home and not end up in any dubious S London establishments

Sunday - dog walking, veggie roasts, the usual
Tonight trying to finish my Christmas Shopping.

Saturday: Going for a big breakfast then might be helping a pal decorate his flat. Eating a big bowl of pasta and early night.

Sunday: Early start driving to Surrey to compete in a triathlon with a couple of mates! Sunday night I will be celebrating being off the booze for 2 weeks but getting as drunk as I can ;)
Tonight - prolly carry on scanning photos for the digital photo frame I'm giving the 'rents for Xmas.

Tomorrow - footy in the afternoon, hopefully a win to see us push for the league and then a mate's engagement party in the evening.

Sunday - 10.30am kick off for my club's veteran side and then 1.30pm kick off for a mate's baby's christening

What happened to Turnmills-Fire-Football-Pub-Another Club-Egg, eh?:lol:
Today: getting drunk
tomorrow: hungover
Sunday: big paella by the sea with my intelectual friends
Monday: Work, but in the evening Holly G and myself will pretend we are intelectual, sophisticated ladies and we are going to the opera :eek: :lol:
Tuesday: Bank Holiday, no plans at the moment
Fri: No plans - probably start the extensive beauty regime needed for next Thursday's christmas bash...:lol::lol::lol:

Sat: Christmas shopping - those bits I havent managed to get online so far anyway - also need to accessorise the christmas party dress - so need to get creative :eek:

Sun: I really fancy a wrap up warm walk followed by a country pub and a roast

PS has anyone seen any pj's with a skull and crossbone design (in the UK) thanks in advance.....:oops:
came to england last night, freezing my balls off, but loving internet connection higher than 0.3 mbps.

anyway, doing early christmas with families here, then back home to ibiza on tuesday night.

tempted to drop in cocoon on sat night!!

have a good wknd everyone.