Weekend Plans?


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Mine start today as I have tomorrow off 8)

Friday, day of relaxing, shopping and pampering myself for long overdue girls night out in evening 8)

Saturday recovering at friends, then if its nice going to take her nephew out to the park as she will be babysitting him all day, evening going to local pub for friends b.day celebrations

Sunday may attempt to cook my first roast dinner 8)
Tonight - theatre - this looks great and its a stone throws away from mine http://www.wildworks.biz/thebeautifuljourney/thebeautifuljourneynortheast.html

Friday - beautify myself for a wedding on Sat and early night.

Sat - help the bride get ready - get myself ready and be out of the house by 10.30am - urgh!!! Why do people have to get married so damned early FFS :spank: Actually really really looking forward to this - they are a gorgeous couple who are sooo in love and respectful to each other - its one of those weddings where you feel honoured to be invited to see them marry

Sun - probably feel like death through drinking for 12+ hrs the day before.... :oops:
Mine start today as I have tomorrow off 8)

same! :p

friday: bumming round in my PJ's till my lunch date with a mate of mine (so drinking early!) then most likely a nanna-nap b4 going to work later that night..... quiet(ish) one... after i finish i hope to be (only) pissed & ready for bed.....

satday: going to see the dali exhibition in the arvo, then paella @ dad's place for mum's birthday! then working the early shift till midnight.... then heading to my own monthly nigh to do the ****ing door??? wtf??.... yes! im a door bitch this weekend...watch out! :lol:
then after that stint.... R/A/V/I/N/G/

sunday: prolly wishing i was dead......:lol:
Friday - Suzanne Vega concert, then over to Bourbon St bar for my friend's band French Whore Named Babbette. Then random clubbing.

Saturday - Household stuff, watch Chelsea v Reading, dinner & clubbing with friends

Sunday - Brunch with the gang, relaxed evening.
Arrived in Geneva last night.
Went for dinner by the lake and then to a temporary club right on the waterfront with DJ Dub who was pretty good.
Fri... See what Geneva has to offer, but probably hit the waterfront clubs again.
Sat .. Circo Loco in Lausanne in a big warehouse and outdoor area with a specially built swimming pool apparently.
Sunday...A day in the mountains.
Monday..Back to London.
tonight - this and that
tmrw - catching up with old buddies at the ealing jazz festival, then central line east to sosho afterwds
sunday - highly conditional on the day/night before
Tonight - nothing major , maybe go to free Dubstep / Jungle party a friend is putting on
Saturday - Field Day (In the rain:cry:) then a mate is doing a Vinyl Only warehouse party in Manor House which i think we gona check out
Sunday - Nothing but maybe go to Latin Music thingy in Burgess park , S.London
Speakeasy type club tonight. 1920s attire. Cocktails. Dancing to Jazz band. A singer. Two burlesque dancers. You know the score
we are having the same sunday then......;):lol:

:oops::oops::oops: quite possibly..... drinking excessively at Weddings tends to do that to me.... something to do with the unlimited wine flowing throught the meal probably :lol::lol:

I will probably be taken home around 11pm looking a complete state and in a foul mood all Sunday - none of the normal "fluffy Sundays" after a "regular" clubbing night out... :lol::lol::lol:
I-Spy;1294652 Sat .. Circo Loco in Lausanne in a big warehouse and outdoor area with a specially built swimming pool apparently[/QUOTE said:
See you on Sat. The venue getting shaped, yesterday: