Weekend Plans


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I know its only Tuesday but I'm bored...... :D

Fri & Sat still in Shanghai for work, meetings
Sun HOME at last :) sleep and packing
Mon off for nice few days in posh hotel (finally using the tokens Buckley ;)) in New Forest with "the current"

Weekend starts tonight for me!
Going to a Christmas party tonight of a management co, who have all their artists playing, Calvin Harris, Deadmou5, Chris Lake, Mark Knight, Funkagenda, Stanton Warriors to name a few!
Beyond that, we'll have to see!
Thursday - Xmas do at the Sports Cafe on Haymarket, hotel room a short stumble away8)

Friday - mini lie in followed by working from home and dying!

Saturday - two mate's birthday parties in our local. You were meant to go in fancy dress as what you wanted to be when you grew up. Was lacking inspiration and the best male costume in the shop was a 1950's RAF officer so that's me. All my mates know I wear contacts so I can claim the lack of 20:20 vision dashed my dreams!:lol:

Sunday - recover

Prolly working Monday!
I know its only Tuesday but I'm bored...... :D

replace the 'bored' with 'spangered' & thats me....8)
its the festive season..... yippppeeee!
well, friday, work, drink, dance, eventually sleep....
repeat for satday & sundee nights & i'm fully back into the melburn swing of things....

Thursday: Works Xmas do :p

Friday: Day off thank god - Hair Appt at 10:00am :spank:, Docs Appt & Xmas food/wine delivery expected, pack bag for trip darrrn saarf following day.

Sat: Up early for drive down to Crawley, check into hotel & have a relax, spot of lunch, few cocktails. Head out on evening to 107 Club.

Sun: Steady drive back home.
Thursday - DIY anti-glamor alternative corporate holiday party

Friday - Photo exhibit opening, drinks with the gang, followed by Erick Morillo @ Famous or 16 Bit Lolitas at Arma

Saturday - Pacha Moscow opening

Sunday - Pack for Tuesday departure to the motherland
Tomorrow - kids xmas party at work so taking them up here for the day. Gets me out of work and gives them a day out.
Thursday - Nothing
Friday - off work little girls xmas play, think she is meant to be a snowflake or something! Xmas shopping after that with my boy or may take him cinema. Chilling for the evening.
Saturday - take kids to see my old man before xmas. Saturday night Warm Xmas Party at The Horse and Groom and then onto Fabric in the early hours. Have a bet no doubt too and try and watch the goal scoring rip roaring Hammers on the box. Probably more xmas shopping too.
Sunday - recover then pick the kids up and go for lunch somewhere before settling down for whatever xmas movie is on TV. Got to pick kids bike and rocking horse together too, however probably not best to do it today.
Monday- Half day from work, last bit of xmas shopping then food and booze shopping.
Weds - work do at Shoreditch House

Thurs - drinks and food with friends in Chiswick

Fri - drinks and food with Tom's family before Christmas

Sat - Perm Boy's birthday celebrations and The Gollum's homecoming :lol: About 15 of us going out for a Christmas meal and then house party

Sun - continuation of Saturday night no doubt :spank:
Friday - Helped arrange a charity night at our local lil' night club, so heading for dinner with about 20 peeps including our DJ for the night ATFC. Then off to the club to 'paaarrrttyyyy (Frank Gallagher accent)'

Saturday - Recover, then build a very complicated BBQ for a present for my outlaws.

Sunday - Outlaws for a birthday party, then go watch LFC thrash the Arse.
Friday: Very boring x-mas cocktail at work.
Scape asap and run like a mad woman trying to sort the last bits and get home to pack and try to get some sleep

Saturday: Flying to Madrid at 18 and leaving to BBAA at 22,30

Sunday: Landing in BBAA at 8 in the morning. Check in at the hotel. Get on my summer dress and birkies and try to survive the heat wave and the jet lag 8)
friday - work dinner in southwark which the tight kunts (known also as my employers) won't pay for :rolleyes:

saturday - DEX @ brixton

sunday - Barcelona for a week
Tonight - work xmas do. Quite a contrast to what I'm used to, not getting started til 10pm. The ways of the Spaniards still confuse me. :lol:

Friday - last class, yipppeeeeeee, then 'bye for now Barca' meal with mates.

Saturday - fly back to Blighty. Ealing antics in the evening. :p

Sunday - hopefully in a suitable state to visit some friends and their little bub.
Friday - no plans as of yet, may just stay in

Saturday - lunch and pressie swapping with best mate then out in evening for friends bday drinks, will be on the fizzy pop though as I will be driving

Sunday - fancy a day of Xmas movies :lol:
Thursday - work do (one of many). Not sure if I am going to bother with this though as I'm out pretty much every day from herein... plus it;s a really posh do in Sloane Square, don't think I'm posh enough for that lol

Friday - drinks after work, got a few options, we'll see where the night takes us

Saturday - our mates put a night on in a local bar, it's their annual Christmas party, so everyone is getting glammed up and heading down here, should be a good laugh with our mates before Christmas :)

Sunday - Hopefully resting as much as poss! Might see some of Jon's family in the evening

Monday - department Christmas do. Booked into a restaurant for lunch and this will probably go on all day/evening :eek:
Thurs - Work xmas lunch do (very extended) however non alcholic for me as picking the wife up in the evening from her do.

Fri - Relaxed day at worked as its the last of the year for me, will have some bits n pieces to tidy up but nothing to strenuous, finish earlyish and then back home to pick up the suitcases to travel down to Heathrow to stay the night in preparation for our Winter hols.......:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!

Sat - Up at a reasonable time, shuttle to T3, check in for out flight to Thailand, last minute shopping which we haven't managed to do, board flight to 2 weeks of r&r. First time we have been away for Xmas an New Year in one hit so really looking forward to it. Need to make the most of it as its going to be the last long haul for a long while as next year life is taking a whole different angle.......:lol::lol::lol:!

Return on 4th Jan, relaxed and ready for the New and busy year ahead.

Enjoy your xmas, new year and future everyone!!!!!!
Saturday: load up the car and drive up to the Malvern Hills where we are staying for xmas week.....can't wait!!
I go on vacation starting this Thursday and come back on the 5th. First trip will be to Lake Havasu in AZ for this weekend. The rest of the time I will play it by ear.
Fri: Another works night out - 3 in 5 days is just about finishing me off - if I see any more Turkey I will scream!!!!

Sat: afternoon session with mate at hers - consisting of nibbly foods and drink - Phil to collect me later hopefully when I am a bumbling wreck - supposed to be doing Laurent Garnier that night - but going to see how Phil is after this 3 week viral disease which is knocked him for six - personally I think we should NOT participate until he's healthy again - but that's me being old and sensible I think :oops:

Sun: Christmas shopping for what's left to get