i kinow its been asked before but -- -- is it realy so expensive? and i thought they HAD to provide free drinking water by law....or is this just in the uk?
this really worries me... 6 euros per bottle!!!! ...i can see so many people not paying this but it is such an health risk if you dont...is there anyway of getting around it? or anyway of getting water into clubs??

plase help!!! :confused:

Yes, it is that expensive!
No, there is no way around it!

This is Spain, so rules in your vicinity obviously do not apply.

The only sensible thing to do is take enough money (about £40 per person and get a glass of ice (free) or however many you can blag from the bar.

The only way to stop it is to write and protest to the Spanish authorities at:

Dirección General de Consumo
Calle Sant Gaieta nº 3
07012 Palma de Mallorca
Tel.:0034 971176253
Fax.:0034 971176252

I'd suggest you wait and see what it's like as first hand complaints will probably carry more weight. Tell them you'll never return or buy any Spanish oranges again or something!

I don't know whether what happens in the clubs is legal or not, but I do know that they must be told how wrong and dangerous it is.
and whats the deal with cameras?
some1 on this site said you cant take them into clubs, but i know people who have got pictures from in the clubs???
First of all with the water, its only 6 euros in the clubs you can buy 5 litre bottles for around 3 euros, and the 4 clubs i went to had fans so heat wasn't a big problem, and secondly as for cameras, some people had there cameras taken from them, but some manage to sneak theirs in, i saw a lot of mp3 players that doubled as cameras, so if your discreet you may get away with it, but i was padded down at the door of each club i went to.
hope this helps
Well, six euro is, at todays exchange, £3.90.

Too much, you have to admit.

As for the fans, yes, it's ok if you're near one, but stand to the side and you certainly won't feel the benefit.

Personally, I find the heat and humidity stifling. You cannot avoid the situation where all your clothes are stuck to your skin with sweat. Unless you just stand around and pose.

Dancing just makes it worse.
I totally agree james - it's a real pain and there isn't much you can do about it - although those handheld mini fans really help! I always take a load..
They vary from €5 - €6 but u can get ice for free so its worth asking for that so suck on. Just buy a bottle of water from a shop for 40 cent and try sneaking it in, if all your mates do it then some of u are bound to get a few in, and if u do get foujnd with it 'HEY ITS ONE 40 CENT!!' hehe thats about 25p or something like that. me and my mates managed to sneak the bottles into Space, hehe i have a wicked hiding place but i cant tell u cos i'm coming back to Ibiza and i dont want them knowing where to look, whack your camera in your sock cos they never check there, only your pockets but dont make it blatent, if if u have combats use the pocket by the side of your leg, that usually helps too! hav fun
This is good advice, but doesn't counter the problem. It's just one bottle, so you'll have to buy more. The ice, as I've already said, is also a good tactic, but it can be very difficult to get if you don't buy something.

Unfotunately, the water in the toilet taps is salted, although it's not too good to drink anyway.

You are advised to sip about 1 pint of water per hour at home, let alone in the heat of Ibiza. Do the maths, it's about £40-45 for a 6-7 hour night!

So, take the money and protect your health!

I suppose, however, that if everyone tried to sneak some water in, it would give them something to think about at the doors!!!

As far as cameras go, you can try getting them in. They can't search everyone, and a large group should have a better chance than most. But take a disposable one and be prepared to lose it. Even if they keep it at the door, the chances are it won't be there when you return.
my experience is that space is the only club that takes the camera thing really seriously.
i had a camera taken but was given cloakroom stylee ticket and collected it on way out (might be easy to forget if times have been messy)
I bought a load of water from the supermarket round the corner from the htl last year and stuffed 1 down each sock and 1 in each pocket....as it turned out it was the same water they were selling in the club when i was stopped once on my way back in after one of my excursions out of the club to the htl to get more water :twisted: i managed to blag it and say i had bought it inside :lol: , of course i was just lucky in the end.
I know at EDEN last year, we stashed big bottles outside at the back of the club and would go out and drik from them from time to time. The little side street with the foliage all around it.
Cold water

The trick that u have to check if the water bottle is cold B4 showing the money
1000ptas 4 hot bottle of water at privilege it's f***in robbery
Bouncers in Manumission dont frisk or check girls so if you wanna smuggle in a camera or water give it to your girlfriend if you've got one with you!! I got a camera into Manumission last year and ended up taking pictures of Mike and Claire on the toilet steps right next to the Fatboy himself!!!
One of the flyer guys for Godskitchen gave us a good tip last year and it did save us a fortune.

Take a big bottle of water and stash it somewhere outside the club. Buy 1 bottle in the club. The vast majorities of clubs will stamp your hand and let you out. Fill up your bottle and then go back in. We had no problem with this, Space would only let us out the once though.

I read once upon a time that Privilege's water supply came from it's own spring and that the tap water was ok to drink..... so we did. It didn't taste in the slightest bit salty or horrible and we had no stomach upsets at all. I'll be doing the same again this year!!!
Quick tip for Pacha: Bring your money! Now, water is 8 euro, all non-alcoholic drinks like coke, red bull, etc. are 10 including beer. And mixed drinks like vodka redbull are 15 euro.

Good place, but how far can they stretch it?
because people take drugs

water is too expansive inside of clubs because people take drugs (pills) and wanna drink after. so they any way they have to but water. and other normal people have to pay the same horrible price. i think so.
Scottish-Helen said:
I read once upon a time that Privilege's water supply came from it's own spring and that the tap water was ok to drink..... so we did. It didn't taste in the slightest bit salty or horrible and we had no stomach upsets at all. I'll be doing the same again this year!!!

interesting anyone else heard this too?

and just how bad is it if you start drinking the tap water in space for example? can you get used to it?