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there are various different water activities to do whilst staying on ibiza, so i was wondering what would be your favourite water activity?????

Mine would be the jet skies, so much fun.....
Where did you go on the Jet Ski's? I must have a go next year, I only went on a banana boat last year.
i thought they were every where!!!!

i went on the one a place called S'argamassa just past Santa Eularia but before Es cana.

The centre is called Ceasar's. He does loads of things there.
Perhaps McRackin called find us a nice piccy...
Robo said:
The centre is called Ceasar's

wrong - its called cesar's!! :p

Robo said:
Perhaps McRackin called find us a nice piccy...

how about two? :lol:

here is a piccy of a girl parascending in s'argamassa!! :eek:


and a piccy of the same girl (very hungry after all the water activity :!: ) and mr cesar making a paella!! :eek:


McRackin ;)
not water sport

i believe ibiza has a point ball shooting club any one fancy it.
it would be like desert war fare?
Robo or someone else, where can you go and parasail like the girl on the pic above - but in San An???

I was sitting near Savannah, watching the sunset last time, and I watched a boat with a parashute attatched to it, and it looked so peaceful - just NEED to see the sunset from than angle and that way! Where could it be possible?

Let me know someone?
have a look on the beach at san an, them sort of activities would be normally advertised....

Ibiza Diving based in the Marina at Santa Eularia or if you can go independent try the north east from Portinatx down to Xarraca
Are there boat rentals on the island?? How does that work?

Just curious. :D
how does that work???

well listen carefully....you go to a boat company that not only sells boats but rents some out, you ask how much etc pay and then you have a boat for a day or so....