Walking past the fridge last night...


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I thought I heard two onions singing a BeeGees song....

But when I opened the fridge I saw it was just chives talking.
A blind man goes for a job in a wood yard and insists he can identify any piece of wood simply by smell.
The foreman tests him time and time again and he is unbeatable, getting every one right.
In the end he decides to try and catch him out, so he gets the secretary to strip naked and lie on the bench in front of him.

The blind chap takes a long sniff, then asks for the wood to be flipped over and sniffs again....

..."You can't fool me" laughs the blind guy, "That's an old sh1thouse door off a fishing boat!"
so I says to this lady

'can i smell you vagina?'

she says no

so i says

'well, it must be your feet then'