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so i think my previous didn't make any sense, it meant to say:

I don't think perfecto will be there this summer!!!


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Roeder. Your'e not the manager of west ham are you? I hope not for your sake. still it could be worse, you could be Mickey Adams.

btw the perfecto girl is a brilliant memeory of my first visit to pacha, perfecto opening night in 2001. she wandered around the dance floor throwing confetti from a big box .i know that sounds a bit rubbish now but it was a 'moment'
Mr Oakey was phenomenal that night (he has never been anything other than sheet whenever ive seen him since). maybe coz it was my first visit to pacha but i was a bit blown away that night. Went back last year and was a little disspointed to be honest, Oakey stank and there was little buzz in the air.

The bald bird was still around though.


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Robder said:
that bald Aphrodite woman at Pacha is wicked!

<--- :eek:


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One visit to Pacha, she was wearing a painted on latex body suit, which began peeling off as she danced. But the best one was a bright yellow bodysuit which they had a blue light shining on her, which made it turn bright green. As they put the light on and off, i had to tap my mate on the shoulder and check he had just seem the outfit change colour too, LOL!

Whats her story then?