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We hear a lot of opinion on the music, people and DJs of our favourite past-time, but people seem to forget about the visuals.

Obviously, strobes, lasers and lighting effects can enhance the experience of the music.

But there are also fantastic advances in moving images now. I remember Rennaisance @ Pacha in 1999 had some great things on the screen, including the moving butterflies of the label.

What memories stick in your mind in relation to lighting, images and other visual effects when out?

What are you favourite visual moments?

What was the worst/ best visuals you ever saw?

Do you have any ideas for what you'd like to see from the visual side of dance?

And... begin...

pretty boring, but the best lights i have prob seen were when at godskitchen at amnesia 2001, they had 2 huge lasers which covered the whole dance floor, and in between the lasers where the gk signs, it was fantastic.

the lights i have sen were prob at eden, they are terrible, not many lasers nothing.

i wopul dlike to see more lasers, more lights, i would like to see huge screens showing dj on the night and people form the crowd
Yeah. camera's showing what the DJs hands are up to would be good for all those trainspotters out there, but I'd like to see more use of the audience.

ie, sampling images of people and using them as a template for images. People dress up so much and, perhaps this effort should be used more.

I could say the same for the music too though. Samples of the crowd noise being recycled back into the mix.
OOH, don't get me starten off on visuals. For me, they are vital, particularly when i am in the company of the little round fellas, i trip quite easily. my eyes get quite sensitve and i usually have to wear shades.
a good light show can really make a night. Laser's are the icing on the cake for me. I LUV'EM
In ibiza, i reckon that pacha has the most varied, interesting effects and projections but amnesia just shades it coz the light show is quite intense.
Back home, GodsKitchen both at code and at GlobalGathering pulled out the stops with visuals, hanging stuff, lights lasers, the lot....mmmmmnice..
Ive spent many,many happy moments in clubs over the years with my silly shades on, looking up at the light show, swaying to the music, it's as much fun as dancing. it's that moment when you're eyes 'go' and not only do you feel you are inside the music but the lights as well.
I think the visuals contribute a huge part to a clubs atmosphere. I would love to see a collage of visuals showing the interaction of the clubbers with the DJ - the DJ carrying the momentum and the build up of energy back and forth. I'm not sure how this could be done but I think it would require some skill.

I saw some amazing visuals at one fest that toook place in a forest. 8) There were lasers that just combed the forest and then shot out into space. They were doing wave-like patterns around and around the treetops where you were dancing and just got hypnotized. :eek: Bloody amazing and got me right out of it! :lol:
yeah godskitchen have always reknowed here for putting on the best lasers and light show, i get tingles down my spine just thinking about them!!!
Well, the best visuals have been in Ibiza ofcourse. I really liked the lasers at Amnesia and I LOVE the white smoke there too. There is also a great light guy at 1015 Folsom (a nightclub in San Francisco USA) that is really good at what he does. I heard he is an acid freak, so I think he knows what he's doing! :lol: Uh, the funniest thing I saw on a screen at a club was here in San Diego at Montage. They had that 1980's cartoon Fat Albert on there and all of the characters were playing in this little band. One was playing the spoons and another was on a wash board. I just thought it was really funny looking! :D
The visuals in T2 at Turnmills for the Gallery nights can often be pretty good. Not many lighting effects but they have sort of film loops projected onto the walls. Last time I was there for the Latinaires were playing and el Nino. All the films were cuban and latin american. Loads of Che Guevara images. Made for interesting monged conversations. :rolleyes:
Robo- yup the visuals at Godskitchen 2001- those green lasers :!: :eek: :eek: :eek: mental :!:
The Dancers are what make the nights for me!
Those fantastic trannies at the Vivid @ Space parties last year, the stilt walking freaks at El Divino and that bald Aphrodite woman at Pacha is wicked!
No it's not but she looks kind of similar. The woman on Bunkka did some promotional flyers for the Perfecto night there though if I remember rightly.

On that note...since you obviously have that album and have been there on a Perfecto night (making massive assumptions now) it any good? I can't imagine a trance night working in a club like that. It would be soooo alien to me. VIP areas, candlelit tables...a funky room and trance? Surely not. (No offence intended!)