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    both can be the case.
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    Present New Concept...


    Sunday 17th September

    Debuting Special Guests:


    Under The Influence is a new club concept hosted at Underground Ibiza, a venue that set out to retain an authentic approach to Ibizan clubbing and reflects the original philosophy of the island as a place for all to party. Underground is a rare club that values quality music and an honest, inclusive clubbing experience over the ever-increasing prevalence of VIPs and fast-growing commercialism.

    Under The Influence aims to bring together DJs and producers that have had a direct impact and influence over each other’s respective careers.

    Debuting this new concept is renowned and respected label boss of R&S Records, Renaat Vandepapeliere. As a label head and DJ, Renaat’s reputation is one held with momentous regard. From his charming character and technical DJing to his renowned A&R skills, Renaat has helped shape modern underground dance music like few others.

    He is joined by Maceo Plex, a long-term fan of Renaat, considering him and the output of his label as a vital influence on his sound. In 1983 Renaat founded R&S Records and by 1995 R&S was the leading underground dance label and authority, introducing Joey Beltram, Derrick May and Aphex Twin to the world and propelling Renaat to the higher echelons of underground dance music in the process.

    R&S has played an influential role in the music I play and make as an artist and still does today. It is a testament of the skill Renaat has as a tastemaker and visionary in the record business. Looking forward to exploring the depths of our music collection’. Maceo Plex

    Together, for one special event, they come together to showcase the music that has both influenced and shaped the industry they love and respect, all the while taking the crowd through the glorious heritage of the beautiful music that has been a part of their respective journeys in dance music.

    We invite you to see this rare opportunity for them to perform together in Ibiza.
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    What a cracking, authentic, no nonsense club! We left shortly before 4 due to friends having early flight this am, and Maceo still hadnt taken the decks, Renaat was proper thumping the tunes out, didnt want to leave one bit, woke up still feeling a bit gutted
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    how busy was it in there last night then?
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    Got there about 12-30-1 and was ok but filling up pretty quick, by 2-2:30 was pretty busy but never packed, dancefloor was busy but then loads of room in that square bit of dancefloor near the bar and outside exit, garden was pretty busy the whole time. Really nice club and atmosphere.
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    summer closing on october 14th!
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    Looks like this Seekers party is beginning at Underground on October 7th and then Magick Bar October 8th. Flyer with locations is on facebook.[​IMG]
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    update re tomorrow night...

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    Summer is over but Halloween is upon us!


    >> Free entry with GUESTLIST until 1.30am | Entrada libre hasta 1.30 con lista
    >> Door 20€ + 1 free drink | Entrada 20€ + 1 copa gratis
    >> We start at 23:00 | Empezamos a las 23.00h

    Line up:
    • Don Juanito
    • Colin


    See YOU @ the dancefloor!!!

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    Ibiza , are you Ready to KEEP ON DANCING ?

    We are more then happy to present Dan Ghenacia´s latest project for a second Winter Edition .. it´s time to " GoDEEP " again !

    We will be back on SUNDAY 12th NOVEMBER at the most authentic club "IBIZA UNDERGROUND" !

    For this special Sunday afternoon we will start at 15h00 at the venue's terrace with a BBQ for familly , friends and dancers ,
    GoingDEEP into the night and early morning wih this special LINEUP :

    ♥♥♥ DAN GHENACIA ♥♥♥


    ♥ ♥ SIDD ♥♥

    Special 25€ Menu incluing bbq and wine
    for table reservation contact : +34633545121


    MUCH love from KOD AND DEEP TEAM ♥
    "Keep On Dancing vs LOLA ED"

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    with Miller & Don Juanito behind the decks!

    entry 20€ + 1 free drink
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    plus 31.12.2017!

    entry 25€ + 1 free drink
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    ✧✧✧ NYE PARTY ✧✧✧

    Music by:

    •••• Don Juanito ••••
    •••• Pagal ••••
    •••• Kevin Cook ••••
    •••• Maher Daniel ••••
    we open at 1:00 AM / empezamos a la 01:00

    // entrada 25€ + 1 copa gratis | entry 25€ + 1 free drink //

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