Travelling Solo/ Beach Visits.


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Hi. I'm a regular Ibiza goer and next year I've decided to visit the island for a week alone for the first time. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic, so when I visit the beach I do have to take a small rucksack with me with all my medication in. I usually visit Cala Tarida beach. Does anybody happen to know if there are any lockers near by or if there is somewhere safe I can leave my bag if I decide to go in the sea for a bit? Thanks.


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Tricky one.
When I'm solo in the beach I take very little. Normally car keys, 20/30 Euros, my driving licence, phone and room key.
I don't go for long periods in the sea, merely to cool down tbh. I watch my stuff all the time whilst I'm in there and never go too far out. If I'm by a decent group or family (I'm a fair judge of character) I sometimes ask them to keep an eye out for me.
Thinking out if the box though, you may wish to use one of the beach Chinguritos/restaurants/cafe for food and drink and they may agree to look after your medication for a period afterwards? Cala Tarida has a very friendly one to the left of the beach as you face the sea with a white wood canopy, right on the sand.


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I've no idea how big said medicine kit would be (what kind of needles etc) but I have small waterproof bag that hoes round the neck from a hiking shop.

You can get the roll top waterproof bags in different size, possibly not the coolest look but who cares

Id try the beach hut/bars


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Yeah - I've literally watched a guy walk up and take a couples rucksack before we could do or say anything. The reality is there are some not very nice people staying on the island.