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A lot of terrible ideas can sound amazing at home when you're a bit wired. I've seen enough noodling in home studios. Usually this stuff is left on the cutting room floor though.. RV has always been frustrating like that though. You have to wade through a lot of junk to reach the dexters and enfants
Yes im still looking for a 10+ minutes RV track I heard on a mix years ago.. had a bit of help on here but don't think we found it yet....🤔


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Said Last week no more tunes 🙄 inbox is full again of midweek House Bangers.. Fort Romeau on fire again..

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i really like the video and the fact, that cri's sister directed it:

cri - feat. jesse mac cormack - never really get there

but i 'just got there' because of the new remix:

cri - feat. jesse mac cormack - never really get there (gerd janson remix)



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i love melodies/tracks that sound melancholic and happy/positive at the same time.
without wanting to get too technical, the term you're after is a 'warm pad'. You first started to hear them in filmscores, synthesisers and cosmic disco records around the turn of the 80s (Space, Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre, Baldelli) before the Chicago guys picked up on them. Frankie Knuckles Whistle Song is a good example. also the daddy of 'warm' records Mr Fingers Can you feel it which has that sad but uplifting 'warmth' too. then the prog lot (sasha and co) later kept the keys but stripped away the rawness, creating an altogether different sound. the best all night house sets imo balance out the warmpads saving them for around the 3/4am mark when people are coming up, freeing you up to play harder, more challenging 4/4 beforehand. about 80% of the music I like probably features warmpads of some kind but best heard in moderation, or can get a bit overload (like eating too much cake..)