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Probably so. I didn't used to like fatboy slim interestingly enough. I was around 18 when rockafeller skank and praise you and all of his stuff were really hitting the charts and I thought it was really bad, lol. It seemed like it was on the coat tails of the crystal method and I didn't like that very much either. What did I know... I couldn't dance, hadn't been to raves, and wasn't popping that kind of drugs, lol. I was kind of a hippy; more into the beatles or grateful dead-y kind of stuff. Anyway...

Now I love Fatboy Slim. I think my favorite album is the one where there's a floppy disk on the cover, but anyway... I love when they play praise you. Either at a party or on the radio; which they've been doing lately. He's so good. Long live Norman Cook! :D
hehe, nice. everyone has his own story how he got into electronic music.
rockafeller skank was around 1998, right? must have been the time i was more into "black & white brothers - put your hands up", "phats & small - turn around", "paul johnson - get get down", "stardust - music sounds better with you" and so on :)