tracks for 2019


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new year new music!

this has already been out for a few months but it's somehow gone past me until now.

I've chosen this one as my "track of 2018" - such an awesome tune, still goose pumps...

The following one is also superb, probably we also will get such an amazing remix?



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Emotional House or We still live at our parents House, I still don't know which it means..:confused:
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Kim Wrong Un

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I find a lot of the wishy-washy nu-prog championed on this forum really boring and forgettable tbh.

I prefer music with personality and a nod to the roots

another belter coming out soon from Danny Red Rackem, love the raw energy on this

classic druggy electro from ERP

and slowing it down, a nice Yello-esque tribute from the Two Mamarrachos (top drawer producers from San Sebastian)


Kim Wrong Un

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i did like that big marc houle track that came out last year on Innv. but generally feels to me like they settled on a formula which doesn’t really vary much.

Kim Wrong Un

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i don’t hate the proggy stuff, i’d probably still get into it if i was out or poleaxed, but I find a lot of it does just wash over me. obv it doesn’t make me homicidal like Trap or Latin lol. Still pick up occasional house/techno but most of my music is sub 122 these days. old b’stard vibez. trippy psych/chug is really where my head’s at.