tracks for 2019

I'm certainly out of touch when it comes to most of the stuff being played these days. I used to collect electronic music, but I stopped and at some point BT and Sasha and Digweed seem no longer what people want.

But I like SG Lewis with Aluna George "Hurting", some song by Fisher is growing on me but I can't remember what its name is or how it sounds, and of course as I mentioned before Calvin Harris' "Giant" is cool as heck. All this from having satellite radio in my car, otherwise I wouldn't know...

All that said I still like Sasha and Digweed. And BT. Plenty of others too. I went and saw Paul Oakenfold this year, Infected Mushroom, John Digweed, & Tiesto last year. Before that, I've been to plenty of raves but I never kept track of who was spinning (it used to be we would call it that; spinning... like a record on a turntable. I think that term is obsolete to some degree these days with CDJs).
From sasha, Digweed & Bt to calvin harris and fisher...

I really like BT. He seems really devoted and does vocals and stuff that seem truly magnetic. Digweed is doing something different lately. I think it has more of a techy vibe to it; though I'm fuzzy on my genres in general. Calvin Harris and Fisher I only know from satellite.