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Has there been any advertisements for the 2011 San Antonio Tomato fight? Not sure if it's even happening this year. Great fun last year, usually around the first week in September.
Just seen it confirmed, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of September.

Friday 2 September
VII Festival Carthaginians and Romans.
Arenal beach (1 day)
18.30 • Children's games at the beach
• 21 am Meeting of the Carthaginians and Romans
supper, music and games
• 22-hour concert of Salt The band Statuas
Ibiza rock most acclaimed of all
time, live on the beach.
• Come dressed Carthaginians or
Romans, to be part of one of
winning teams.
• 20.30 Opening of the exhibition of Peter
Ignatius. Cultural Space of the Sa Punta Molino

Saturday 3 September
• 9 am Holy XXIX Festival Trophy Judo
Bartholomew. Sports Sa Pedrera.
• Seventh Day of the Carthaginians and Romans.
Arenal beach (2nd day)
• 18-hour concentration of forces and
parade of troops: Carthaginians, in
the City of San Antonio; Romans in
the car arena.
• Landing and tried to 19.30
peace between the two armies and great battle
of tomatoes.
• 21.30 Toast of coexistence.
• 22-hour concert Raggatunning. music
patxanga of disco and party. Do not miss
concert more fun on the island.
• Allista't your army. Learn to
Youth Information Center of San
Anthony and His Family on the Bar.
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Yes, successfully made it, didn't get hit this year but got splattered though. Won't be making the mistake of wearing a white top next year. Looks like I may have been near McRackin at some points of the proceedings.




The event was, for the most part, more organised than last year. Bit of difficulty with what the MC described as 'drunk non-locals' that tried to muscle into proceedings, especially one guy who came as 'Rambo', which amused everyone to be fair. But it was made clear this was for locals only and it seemed to be sorted. Only disappointment, the Carthaginian contingent didn't arrive by boat this year, quite a sight last year.

I should have taken a photo of the Romans catapult in action, was an implement of genius. The event was filmed so I hope it will turn up on the internet sometime.
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how cool , cant wait , is it every year , also did i read locals only :( theres got to be a way in there , maybe through a friend of a friend ???
dates for 2012

I'm in Ibiza from 20 Aug to 3 sep 2012. Are there any dates for the tomato fights this year yet?
great fun!


where is dido???? awwww :)

those romans play dirty!!!

I am Jupiter! :lol: