Time Warp 2020


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So how do people get to go on stage ( I’ve seen from previous time warp videos of a lot of people on the same stage where the DJ is on) do you just have to know the D.J or someone related

it's a different type of wristband. usually it's a matter of knowing someone within the industry. but you can always try and ask when you get your backstage wristbands at the entrance, maybe they've still got some stage bands left and you can 'upgrade' to those.


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Really hoping this doesn’t get cancelled.. Even if i get the money for the tickets back i still have a hotel booking which is non-refundable..


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Managed to sell my ticket the other day for nearly exactly what I paid. Can't see how it will proceed with the current state of affairs.


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why just out of interest? If the event is cancelled, wont You also get a full refund?
I bought it via ticketswap in the first place and not sure how it would work with a refund, the terms where a little funny. Preferred to just get it sorted.


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Cancellation looking increasingly likely ?

Update, 7:15 p.m .: The Maimarkt does not take place ! The managing director Stefany Goschmann confirms this to the "Rhein-Neckar-Fernsehen". It relates to the ban imposed by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health, which prohibits events with more than 1,000 participants . This makes it clear that the Maimarkt in Mannheim cannot take place this year, says Goschmann. It is a huge hole for visitors, exhibitors and organizers. On Wednesday, they want to inform all those affected about the cancellation. Around 350,000 visitors come to the May Market in Mannheim every year.

Coronavirus in Mannheim: New ban - ALL major events are canceled!

Update, 7 p.m .: the Mayor of Mannheim and President of the Baden-Württemberg City Council Peter Kurz welcomes the decision by the state of Baden-Württemberg: “ Legal certainty and uniformity of action are necessary for these far-reaching interventions. The announcement follows yesterday's line. The municipalities would like a regulation on this issue. "

Update of March 10, 5:18 p.m .: The state of Baden-Württemberg is introducing a binding regulation that prohibits all major events with 1,000 or more visitors . The regulation will then serve as a “binding guideline” for all municipalities, as health minister Manne Lucha (Greens) explains in Stuttgart on Tuesday. The ban has a particularly great impact on concerts, sports and cultural events. The DEL has already completely canceled the ice hockey playoffs!

Update, 9 p.m .: Are other events canceled in Mannheim ? If it goes to the city, probably yes. On Monday evening, the city of Mannheim stated in a press release that it had reassessed the situation . In particular, the instructions and recommendations for action of the Federal Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health of Baden-Württemberg would be taken into account. These stipulate that events with 1,000 or more participants should not take place . The city of Mannheim has therefore “ in particular checked the events registered for the next two weeks. It will get in touch with the organizers, whose events cannot take place as planned due to the spread of the coronavirus, ”says the message. It is still unclear exactly which events are affected. The medieval market has already been canceled.


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Berghain closes till April 20th now, all clubs in Austria and Italy shut. I‘m almost certain now Time Warp will be cancelled/postponed :/