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  1. aregandj

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    As with Hawtin, and I have enjoyed some of his sets in the past, I really don’t think it was that big a miss when you look at the artist who had come in! Personally I would have liked something like an extended set from Klock to fill to void but each to there own I guess
  2. evan10

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    After the recovery of the festival :cool:, I post my feedback.

    Food: very simple, not a lot of choice
    Drink: very simple, not a lot of choice, no gin tonic for example, beer not good
    Token: not a good system
    Toilets: acceptable, there were several clean employees
    Public: a lot of knowledge for people there, they dance and follow on their dj's

    Floor 5 (dome): garnier is always an institution between 6h and 10h but the floor is not useful because if you want to exit, it is impossible to come back because there are a lot of people
    Floor 1 and 2: good soundsystem with a lot of bass, lights good.
    Floor 3: for the finish with Solomun and Carola, it is the best place (until 14h).
    Mention for Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and Martinez Brothers. They put a good "groovy" music. Not Jones in the first hour but after it was good. Because in Germany, we thought that the bass and the kick are the main priority like in Berlin. It is nice but for the techhouse DJ's it is not easy to find their place.

    Good festival, but big industry of money. I will do it again but not each year.
  3. 00masmit

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    Thinking of heading to Time Warp 2019. We are hoping to do Friday night in Munich then head over to Mannheim for Saturday afternoon. Or does anyone think it would be worthwhile to spend Friday night in Mannheim as well?
  4. stivi

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    there's always a pre-party on friday night, in the 'zimmer' if I recall correctly (where the after is as well).

    personally, I'd save the energy and have a quiet friday night - be that in munich or wherever. then hit timewarp at around 10pm and stay until the end - and do afters if you've still got some stamina left. but 10pm until 2-3pm (when it stops) is normally enough for me.
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  5. white_isle_calling

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    Time Warp 25... no there's a thought
  6. 00masmit

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    Appreciate the advice, thanks.

    Pre-sale tickets available on 20th December.
  7. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    I for one cannot wait for this!! Going into clubbing hibernation from New Year and will then kick things off again with Time Warp followed by SW a few weeks later! :D
  8. Chris L

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    Let me know if you are definitely going? I'm going to start an official 2019 thread at some point, as i am finally making it over for the 25th anniversary in 2019. Going to stay in Frankfurt a few nights leading up to Saturday and then Sat/Sun in Mannheim. As i dont mind venturing out solo and certainly will I'm sure at Time Warp itself due to all the lineup clashing, I def want to try and meet some of the fellow spotlighters for some partying.

    Make the trip! Like i said above, def want to meet up with some spotlighters and if i recall your review of the last on you attended it sounds like you and your crew are a good one to link up with lol. Anyways here's to hoping you join up!
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  9. aregandj

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    It's a dead cert. Flights, hotel and ticket all booked. We flying out on the Saturday to Karlsruhe landing at 3:30pm so probably be in Mannheim area from about 8pm latest, quick freshen up then straight in there!

    Funnily enough last year it was @white_isle_calling not being able to go in the end which made me go! I only booked the week before and took his hotel booking off his hands! Thanks again for that as I would still be a Time Warp Virgin!

    Up for a meet up if we set a time and place … I assume either early on before it gets busy or something past 6-8am would work best?
  10. Chris L

    Chris L Active Member

    Exciting stuff man! We can work out a meetup closer to the time, ill shoot you a PM with details (or FB message or something like that) of where I'm staying and all that, dont really want to post it here in case i have any stalkers floating around (joking of course im not that important). Unlike most who travel from the states also, i will have a functioning phone as i have global international for work (one nice perk of the job). I'll already be in Mannheim from probably around 3pm saturday so I'll be rested up and ready to rock. Still 3 months away but I'm completely amped up to finally be making it for this been wanting to go for a long while.
  11. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    Sounds like a good plan to me my friend! Fire over your number or something nearer the time and we can sort something out. Very excited for this now and cant wait to see a line up, although I can imagine it would be too hard to guess 90% of it!
  12. lee111s

    lee111s Well-Known Member

    Tickets, flights and hotel sorted.

    Flying to Frankfurt on Friday lunch time and going down to Mannheim straight after.

    Quiet dew drinks on Friday. Big time session on Saturday/Sunday
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