there goes the summer


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i remember being introduced to poppers and passing out in pubs

i remember creamfields and laughing at the pikeys,going mental to yeke yeke and falling over people

i remember the v festival and pulling ladys while watching coldplay

i remember working at stansted airport sitting down watching the planes
landing and taking off while getting a suntan

i remember driving to work at 4 in the morning seeing the sun come up

i remember the endless amount of barbeques i had, friends enjoying themselves having banter and lots of fun

and of course who could forget ibiza

summer 2003-one of the best

what about you lot
Best for Ibeefa, i was over 4 times this year and yes, it's been the best summer of my life so far, im sad summer of 2003 is over, i will always remember it well.
I remember tanning at Bora Bora and forgot to apply sunscreen and burned my tits to death.....

I remember the huge bowl of Sangria I ordered as the first thing I did when I reached San An and Savannah

I remember the beautiful sunsets and the magnificent atmosphere......

I remember getting unusually drunk in the VIP Eden Area with a lot of strangers (a rep. from a record company I know from home, forgot his expensive bottle of champagne so I finished it off for him haha!)

I remember laughing with friends and partying till the sun came up

I remember sand in my hair, underneath my feet and the sensation of feeling alive.

Now autumbs here, the trees are filled with fading leaves and summer seem so far away......... :cry:
Ibiza-girlie said:
I remember the huge bowl of Sangria I ordered as the first thing I did when I reached San An
and Savannah

oh really? :lol:

reading all ur posts make the hairs on arms stand on end. Im gutted its all over for another year :cry: ah well heres to next year being as good or even better :D
as i was staring out the window of the airplane and seeing the island bathed in red from the setting sun i knew that this summer was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.. ;)

here's to 2003 and lets ave it 2004!!!!!! :p
The full moon lighting up the sea as we came into land ... knowing that somewhere on the island a free party was going on to celebrate.

The sun rising on the horizon as we flew back home.

And all the stuff in between - I can't even begin to vocalise; I can't find the right words to fully show what that week meant to me.
well had my wedding anniversary and went to Crete as well in May before Ibiza. And basically worked my arse off during the whole summer as well!
I wish I could remember the summer :confused: I know it started with Homelands and ended the early hours of this morning in Ibiza :cry: but can definitely say it's been a fab few months :D Going to hibernate til next May and only get out my hole for Southport, Christmas, NYE and my bday :p