The Strangers (Film)


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I think this is out in a couple of days - the posters look quite disturbing - have any of our across the pond peeps seen this yet????
I keep saying trailers and it looks proper freaky, I am not good with horrors but am tempted to see this one, got an okish review in Heat Mag
What's it about?

Is it a bit ronseal, i.e. people in house get abused by scary people in masks?
My friend saw this and he is a major Hororr movie buff and he kept hounding me to go see it, insists it is the SCARIEST horror movie ever.....I read the reviews though, they were pretty mixed
just read that its not a patch on the french film its allegedly based on called Them - (although producer denies its a re-make... :lol:)

Still, I might make the effort to go see......
That was tame :D You won't want to watch the Jap one then :eek:

Japanese version is a lot better, I have to agree.
The same can be said for The Grudge.

I think this Strangers movie looks good... really liked the bit in the trailer where the family are tied up in the living room and one of them shouts 'why are you doing this?' and one of the strangers replies 'coz you were home!'


Ringu - very scary
The Grudge or "ju-on" (original) - very scary

but you will have to go a long way to beat The Shining.....the stanley Kubrick Version!!
'The Strangers' is OK but not fabulous. There's nothing about it that sets it apart particularly from any of the other ten-a-penny Hollywood Horror efforts of recent years.

It has more than few similarities to 'Them', which is by far the better film (if not surprisingly short) but is certainly not a wholesale remake.

You're best off sticking with 'Them'.

Apparently Hellraiser is being remade also and is scheduled for release next year.

I feel very old.