The other side of Ibiza. 23 - 27 July '19


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There's one villa on the way in to Pou d'es Lleo that I think has possibly the best entrance of any I've seen on the island.

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The little Chiringuito de Pepe is busy enough

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... and the whole place is ultra-rustic

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It's a short walk from the main fishing port area to find somewhere a little quieter

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The steps to the right of the ramshackle hut offer a quick route up to path at the top

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.... and it's a favourite with a tender-taxi from the powerboats and yachts moored nearby with occasional arrivals barely disturbing the super-tranquil scene.

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It's very much clothes-optional even this close to the fishing port and over half the bay are relaxing to the full.

All in all it turned out a great choice to while away a couple of hours and have some final swims. My aim is to head off to the airport around 4.30 for an unhurried exit and I'm not too late doing that. The car's fine and everything is safe.

Fuel bill when I stopped to fill up was a bit steep. I'm used to diesels but they're getting phased out and I'd been running the a/c in a petrol quite a bit and had burned over 3/4 of a tank of fuel in 4 days driving all over the island. Still, I'd have spend more than that getting from the airport to Portinatx and back once in a taxi. Overall aside from the freedom and time savings the car has brought, I shudder to imagine what it would have cost me to do everything I did with cabs, let alone the logistics of getting around with them.

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Flight's late in but leaves on time and the Purple Parking experience I'd gambled on at Heathrow was actually very painless... and my day's overstay only cost me a tenner.

I didn't go flyboarding, kayaking or (proper) freediving ... and I didn't hire a boat (forgot to deal with my 5-yearly licence renewal so that put paid to that !). But I did do loads of running, fitness, swimming and hiking alongside eating loads of nice food and spending time with some great people. Most of what I did in the way of activities was free or cost peanuts. It was a reminder that it's a choice to spend a fortune on stuff. Be those boats, jetskis, private tours or adventures of a more nocturnal nature !

For the time of year I went out and with a bit of effort planning, my trip cost a lot less than it could have. Axeing clubs, booze/drugs and expensive hobbies makes a massive difference and if I hadn't eaten out so much I'd have really struggled to get through a hundred euros a day on the ground including tonnes of water and drinks.

All in all, I had a blast and didn't leave thinking of all the things I could have done and wasn't in a fit state to. I didn't visit San Antoni, Bossa or Ibiza Town (other than driving through a bit of the latter) - and I didn't miss any of them. Finally broke some habits of many years there ! To do everything I did in peak Summer during a very hot spell was nowhere near as hard as I thought it might be. I ate well every day, slept a lot more than usual and managed to swerve anything more than a few cups of coffee as far as guilty pleasures are concerned.

Came home a bit tired, full of good memories and no regrets. Thank you Ibiza for yet another great time.

Boring bit ..

Fixed costs I paid outside my (boat-free !) cash spending budget of 400 euros (which covered the car fuel, I didn't need to penny-pinch on eating and I came back with at least 50)

Flights - £35 (Avios plus cash)

Car (SUV) - £180 (would have been much cheaper booked even 3 days before)

Accommodation : £190 AirB&B 3 nights + £90 hotel 1 night = £280

Heathrow Airport parking : £40

Insurances (Travel, extra sports and car hire excess) : £40

Total 4 nights / 4 1/2 days : £575 travel, transport and accommodation + circa £325 spends = £900.


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Great review as always. Whenever I read your reviews I always regret not doing a solo 4 nighter when it was easy to. Cant see it happening now with a 2yr old!

It gets harder to pull off and more 'orchestration' every year even without one @NilSatis - the chains of responsibility eventually wrap around us all ? !!


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Nice one mate, great review.

Btw folks, when he intimated about not packing lightly that’s not an understatement!?

Plus, @kimajy there’s nearly always a mini drama ?!
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Btw folks, when he intimates about not packing lightly that’s not an understatement!?

I genuinely have no idea how most hotel "double" rooms are meant to accommodate 2 people and their stuff - there's barely room for 3 g-strings and a stickini in most of them :rolleyes::lol:

Not sure I could spend £900 in 4 days without any sin though! :lol:

The sin of gluttony was probably involved in that :lol: