The other side of Ibiza. 23 - 27 July '19


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Load of stuff changed at home / with work and managed to cram in a last minute trip before the August watershed. Turned a blind eye to planned strikes at Heathrow on my return and jumped in feet first.

Didn't fancy lounging around an overpriced hotel swimming pool, paying over 100 euros a night to listen to drunken revellers smashing up the Piscis Park coridoors or getting towed away from outside a Hostal (again) because there's nowhere left to park inside a 10-block radius after dinner. Much as the thought of taking a room in a house full of musicians held a beatnick appeal, time had come to head into the Campo and turn the clock back a couple of decades, exchanging luxuries and amenities for space and peace & quiet, fully expecting a very rural environment.

It was going to be back-to-basics. Me, a few ideas, a car and a map. All you actually need to access so much of what Ibiza has to offer. Was still up all night closing down but a civilized lunchtime BA flight got things off to a pretty easy start and I managed an hour's sleep on the plane.

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Couldn't face minibuses to pick up a car, so shelled out for Hertz via doyouspain (cheapest SUVs with a day's notice of all the big companies this time). Wound up with a manual Hyundai Kona and it was fine, much more spacious than a Juke or something like that.

It's always a gamble with AirB&B, like hotels price rarely bears too much relationship to the experience you end up getting and that can work both ways. I got sent a location pin via WhatsApp and to be honest I doubt I'd have found the place without it. Location was minutes from the airport close to St Jordi and extremely convenient for anywhere in the South or West But you were into the hills and it felt as if you were somewhere remote in the middle of the island as soon as you started along the road leading to it.

The hosts met me - an older Dutch lady who had lived there for many years and spoke perfect English, and her Argentinian partner (?) who didn't speak any. As did the 2 cats, 2 lovely dogs and 2 white horses flicked a tail and looked up from their spread of hay. The sound of cicadas didn't penetrate indoors but the restful smell of pine did, and one of the dogs wandered in to make sure I was settling OK.

Basically I got a section of the house with private entrance and a separate nearby wooden shed containing a proper shower, toilet and sink with fresh towels etc. Lighting in the shower shed was powered by a cable sneaking in through a window of the bedroom so of course that didn't shut lol. The room itself was tiled and massive with a desktop fridge (containing beers, wine, cheese, water etc.). and there was a 2-ring gas heater with a coffee maker and a saucepan. The fan tried its best but groaned and didn't work. Plenty of info and a few books in there and a large wardrobe with hangars. Double French doors opened onto an earth courtyard area beside the stable and round the corner tables were in use on the terrace running up saddlery. The whole area was shaded and this stopped it getting excessively hot in the day. It was all rather "boho" but it was very clean and there were little touches here and there which stopped it feeling run down.

On the whole it was really peaceful, and I was calm and happy. It was basic, but I felt safe there and I was absolutely fine with that... and I was given complete privacy. It was unlike anywhere else I'd stayed on the island, in terms of both location and style - and for the price I paid it was very good value.

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Not too sure what the life size blow-up doll in the woods was all about - didn't dare ask :eek::lol:

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By the time I got settled in it was pretty late and I hit up Santa Gertrudis for some dinner well after 11pm at Bottega Il Buco. Absolutely shattered from lack of sleep but still managed a steak which they had slow cooked for 24 hours with herbs served up sliced thin on a bed of tomatoes, fennel and other fresh herbs etc. It was very nice actually. Straight back to bed after stopping by the service station to collect a load of water and drinks for the next day(s).
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Hauled myself out of bed after six hours' sleep, which after the 2 hours I managed the day before was no mean feat. But it really was a beautiful sunny morning and ... yes ... I decided to kick-start the day on a virtuous note. The door of the shower shed probably closed at one time but not any longer, so I just left it wide open to the gentle breeze from outside. One of the cats hearing the water running decided to come in - apparently he loves water - and had himself a quick splash before jumping in the sink and meowing at me for more. I lifted him down and sent him off to finish up in the sink - It all put a smile on my face.

Packed the car with everything I needed for the day and was on the road before 8.30am. First stop Santa Eularia and a bit of a mad dash to the beach - but I did (just) make the 9am start. Did an hour of circuit training 'Ibiza-style' - which included resistance running chest deep in the sea as it was SO hot even at that hour. It's quite tough actually !! Being next to the beach shower is a big bonus.

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Worked hard and felt seriously GREAT afterwards. Ran back to the car for a recovery shake and straight off up the coast for a nice breakfast. I hit up Cala Nova - L'Amorigen was still shut, didn't open till 12.00 so I ended up at Atzaro Beach to get fed before 11am - and that was virtually empty. Freshly squeezed orange juice and Scrambled eggs with toast and Spanish tomato salsa barely hit the sides. Rollerskating waiter standard !

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No idea what they did but the bill was under 10 Euros. Wasn't going to argue !!!


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** Fookin' Youtube - just taken me an hour and a half to recover my channel after they booted my non-gmail login email off subscription, in order to share a video - I so hate everything Google !! Anyway ..... ***

By this stage a strong Easterly wind was picking up and whipping at the sea. Time to seek out somewhere more sheltered and go somewhere awesome.

Drove across the island to Santa Agnes de Corona and got the only shaded parking space in the near-empty car park opposite the church - under the shade of a crooked Almond tree. It's now 37C and seriously roasting but I'm excited for a little adventure I haven't done in a while and can't wait to get going. Cap is essential and pack up a hydration vest with loads of liquid and the rest of lunch (brought from home) and hit the road.

It's one seriously awesome trip down to ses Balandres via the viewpoint and despite the heat I ran the bits of it that were runnable and the rest was hiked or abseiled. The ropes seemed in decent nick and so was the ladder. I put the journey down into a vid because I took so many pictures and clips. Took a mask and stayed down there swimming / snorkeling and climbing rocks until my water was running at minimum for the trip back. I wasn't the only one crazy enough to make the trip on foot in that heat - Spanish couple came down and went back up while I was there. Everyone else came by boat or jetski.

The video pretty much says it all.

It was time to head North for a stop off for a drink or two at the Magic Chitinguito in Portinatx and a catch-up with @jimmiz .. always a pleasure ?.
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It's been a long and very active day, but I'm not done in yet. Cala Xuclar is only a few minutes away but I messed up the timing and I'm actually already late for a sunset board meeting with German of SUP Ibiza. Thankfully they are also running late and I get there just in time to grab a board and catch up. He's got his two assistant instructors with him and wound up being a fun and chatty trip.

Few pics from the outing - by the end of it I was pretty spent but perfect conditions meant it wasn't more than a bit of gentle exercise really.

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I got back after 10pm a pretty sweaty smelly mess. It took everything I had left in me to shower and head out again for food. Was pushing midnight by the time I settled on San Rafael and Es Tanco for a late night bite.

Huge plate of Entraña cooked pink and covered in flaked Parmesan. These late night steaks are becoming a bit of a habit already !!

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Managed to do all that in a single day and there's zero question about it, only thing I wanted to do was hit the sack !!!
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Started Thursday with a bit of a lie in. Sleep deprivation and lack of rest hit me like a truck and I've reluctantly fully accepted I'm not a 20-year old any more. Cobbled some breakfast together, made a nice mug of tea and enjoyed sitting out immersed in the shade of the pine trees with the resident pets chilling and plotting what to do.

Tomorrow I was due to fly home late and would be out with a car full of valuables - so parking anywhere riskier had to be done today. It's really sad the crime risk increase means it's come to the point where you have to actually plan your whole trip movements around that consideration now especially on a shorter trip. It never used to enter my head and a locked car boot was basically as safe as a hotel. I could land, park at Es Codolar and go swimming on the way to my hotel.

I could happily go to the watchtower at sa Pedrera before flying home with my passport and laptop in the boot without fear of coming back to a smashed window and total disaster. Gentrification, luxury, growth, commercialization and increased inequality across the island have resulted in an explosion of crime that's completely re-written the map as far as carefree enjoyment in Ibiza is concerned. A lot of residents resent it, and so do I. The feeling of freedom has been tangibly curtailed and with it, the spontaneity which I used to embrace so tightly dampened somewhat. But things are what they are and you just have to adjust your parameters and expectations, and do your very best not to get down over it.

Dreams I'd be fresh enough to get up at 7am for a cool morning run after the day I had yesterday proved fanciful, but I wasn't going to beat myself up over that. Long days inevitably lead to late nights. Around midday I could laze around no longer and hit the road.

Headed South towards a favourite place.

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I came back in June dreaming about running it and just couldn't shift the craving to go back. I'm not saying any more about it specifically because it'll probably kick off a load of debate for all the wrong reasons and that's not my intention. I know the area well and that there are areas you need to steer well clear of nearby. Suffice to say I'm confident I left only footprints and didn't intrude where damage would be done.

Getting parked nearly finished my nerves off. After at least 2 stand-offs with other cars trying to get in and take the only remaining space, due to crazy parking by others, I had to reverse along a track with a sheer drop on one side and a rock wall on the other both of which were centimetres from my tyres / wing mirror respectively. If I hadn't I'd have had to do it on the way back and the spectre of that was just too much to be able to click off from !!

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The run was very tough, up there with the hardest I've done anywhere and mainly because of the terrain and hills. I was more than happy to take time out for a swim. It was a relatively easy trip back to the car. I'd been chatting with Donna of Running Ibiza on FB a bit but we never hooked up. She messaged me that she was at sa Trinxa with some friends if I wanted to go along and meet up for a chat. It was only a couple of km away so I decided to leave the car and run a bit more instead - would probably take me well over 10 minutes to get parked anyway. Salinas was pretty busy but the sand is compact at the water's edge and a blessedly easy surface to run compared to where I'd just been.

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I'm still off the sangria and being around 4pm, apart from about 15 minutes trying to get a fruit drink made up at the bar :rolleyes:, it was very chill.

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It was a great laugh - stayed for ages. Donna's friends were Italians. One was from Como living in Lugano and had been coming for many years. He'd lived in UK and spoke good English. His partner-in-crime didn't but had the munchies and was more than happy tucking into large plates of food and snacks from the bar. Many stories got shared !

Was time for me to head off and sort myself out some food. Final run back to the car to clock up a cumulative 9k and I was happy to focus on refuelling for the rest of the evening !


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Heading for the first time through a proper 'built-up area' since I landed the traffic's not too bad.

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Swing past Cathy Guetta's bankrupt bikini-swamp and the limo-lined Nobu, exorbitant excess sat over a creaky-leaky sewage system. It never really ceases to surprise me what pops up where. Talamanca is pretty but there's no way I'd go in the water there. With the amount of investment in that area and the money swimming around it, there would surely have been enough to levy the money needed to reinstate the insfrastucture for decades ahead. It's a bit like the parable of building your house upon the sand - but maybe these days horizons are so short term that demolition in a few years is all but expected. Over-consumption and waste at its finest.

At least you can get some nice food - and for once a parking space a few feet round the corner. Dinner number 1 of the evening is all of the sea at La Bodega

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Oven baked calamari with paprika, lime-cured ceviche made that afternoon, bread and alioli - just enough to feel human again. Home to shower and change, and back out for dinner number 2.

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This time it's a quick drive to meet with @stivi to catch up with all the real stories in Sant Jordi :lol:. We went Italian and headed to Can Tommy. Really nice Ravioli starter between us and a large steak with potatoes each. Just can't seem to end a day without polishing off a steak ! Cheeky dip into @stivi 's pudding too as I recall ? never eaten so much in Ibiza before ! Was really nice to see you at such a busy point in the Season ??

After waving goodbye, as I drove back, reality set in that the weekend was almost nigh and I'd be on a plane by late the following afternoon. Thoughts turned to what I could fit in with the time I had left. Became overwhelmed with the feeling that I just wasn't ready to gear up to go home the next day. I just wasn't ready to face up to that. BA systems flat barred me from changing my flight online despite there being seats available on Saturday evening, a flight that had been full when I looked earlier in the week. I'd have to leave things to fate and wait till morning. The Heathrow strikes were off and there was everything to play for but I wasn't about to buy a new ticket for nearly 500 Euros..

Made a list of all the numbers and references I needed to ring to try to change things in the morning - flight, car, insurances - and somewhere to stay as someone else was arriving to take up my AirB&B the next day.
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Friday D-day dawned and I was in for a gamble. Spent nearly 3 hours on the phone trying to contact BA without success whilst packing up and doing my best to enjoy a last breakfast. Thunderstorm disruptions in UK had overwhelmed their lines and it all seemed a hopeless task. When I finally got hold of someone they told me flat I couldn't change my ticket inside 24 hours of departure and nothing I said or tried would budge them. It was looking like I was being blocked - and I either had to give up and accept things, pay a fortune or try something else.

Decided I was not beaten yet, packed up the car and headed for the airport to try there instead in person

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I'm not giving up until every possible avenue has been tried. If my flight couldn't be changed for a half sensible sum I was going home today and that was that. The Iberia desk were adamant they couldn't touch the booking despite the credible sob story I had now perfected. They did, however, slip me an 'off-the-books'Spanish number for BA to try. It took me precisely 5 minutes with the woman on the phone who clearly had some authority and discretion, to change my flight. For free. Retreated to the loo to sit down and take in that I'd actually passed the test of determination and managed it. I could finally relax again.

Blew another half an hour extending my car rental contract in the terminal before sitting in the air-conditioned car with my laptop trying to find a place to stay, scoffing a drink and sandwich. The place I'd lined up earlier was now gone and a frantic scrabble on got me a place in Santa Eularia ostensibly with parking for 100 Euros. Had low expectations but couldn't care less what it was by this stage. I'd lost an entire morning but gained an afternoon and the best part of the next day - and I'm not going to fritter any more of it.

Was check-in time for the new place in an hour or so and there's now time to take a nice drive @stivi had tipped me off about which started close to where I forked off to the AirB&B. The weather had been cloudy all morning and it was just starting to thin and break up a bit. Couldn't help feeling just a little smug I wasn't going home this day :twisted::twisted::twisted:

It's a really beautiful drive winding through the hills between St Jordi and San Antoni south of the Ronda and North of the St Josep road.

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It emerges near Casita Verde and the Cami des Fornas

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It's lovely. The Friday parties are in full swing in San Antoni and half of me was curious to go see O Beach in full swing again for a laugh. But as I neared town and a traffic queue the curiosity evaporated and I headed off towards Sta Eularia to dump the contents of my car somewhere safe. That old (or rather new) paranoia kicking in again !!!

The penny hadn't dropped when I frantically booked my room where I was actually staying and blindly followed google maps on my phone into town. I was in for a pleasant surprise.




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Turns out I'd booked into the Buenavista, the first hotel in Sta Eularia and one of the first 3 hotels built in the 1930s to jump-start the tourism industry on the island. The place has been completely renovated of course and it has a pool and chill-out lounge adjacent and gardened terraces in front. It's located up a hill in town, but on the Siesta rather than the port side. First impressions were pretty good.

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Turns out my last minute on-the-day booking was a knock-down rate for an empty garden mini-suite usually well over double what I paid. Some you win ! It was a standalone room on the lower terrace with French doors, its own patio and deck chairs outside. Inside was massive with four-poster bed, aircon, mini fridge, built-in seating, and behind a curtain a huge walk-in rain shower in the bathroom area. I'm genuinely a little conflicted having set myself completely adrift this morning and hastily booked a room costing less than Piscis Park expecting very little :eek:.

Reception were very polite and efficient and the whole place had a restful air despite its location in town above a busy road. They even opened the tied-off gates without prompting to save my stuff having to be carried in any further than absolutely necessary - I didn't ask for help with it ( an embarassingly large amount if truth be told - looked like I was in the middle of a World Tour - some things just never change :rolleyes::lol: )

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It's clouding back over a little and I'm pretty much soaked from hauling all my hastily-packed 'stuff' into the room in the humidity. Christening the rain shower and sitting out on the terrace it was very tempting just to chill out for the rest of the afternoon in my private little hideaway. Walking out almost felt like smacking a gift horse in the mouth. But there were other temptations gnawing at my brain and I couldn't sit still for long.
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Got prepared for what was planned and a possible night out afterwards, and headed back South once again. I've got time to kill and decided to take a little detour to Porroig, somewhere I haven't actually made it back to in years. It's such an unlikely spot in many ways for such a prime anchorage. It's not nearly as packed as I've seen it.

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At least on land !!!

67241813_2493019710764666_2287141003619991552_o by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

P7266631-1 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

The Rising Star is parked out to sea away from the prying eyes of paparazzi

P7266632 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

You can glimpse Cala Jondal just along the coast through the vegetation - full of swanky yachts as usual !

P7266633 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

I went for a quick gander up the harepin bends of the hill for a nosey at the villas, and fortress Las Brisas making it very obvious they're not interested in casual call-ins !

20190726_180259 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

20190726_180226 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

It's a popular spot but you can feel the tension over parking and territory in the air as if every square inch of rock is fought over. When you put too many egos in a small space I guess it's impossible to hold onto more than an illusion of relaxed tranquility and it's not hard to see through it !


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I was going to need a torch for later and had forgotten to bring the one I'd packed - so a quick detour was needed to the shop/bar nearby. Fortunately they had one.

Starting to get very hungry and I've got a calorie-heavy plan ahead. I need a proper early meal and it's not THAT easy to get hold of on the fly. Head off round the bay to the church car park in Es Cubells, my later meeting point, to discover my phone's dead - charger must have been pulled out a bit in the car and the spare is in the room :rolleyes:

20190726_183901 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

20190726_184204 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

The Restaurant Es Cubells is (just) serving and I've got half an hour to order, get served, eat and be ready to go. Not changed either. It's all a bit tight but I really need food. They whipped me up a whole baked sea bass with potatoes in about 20 minutes which was pretty speedy - not the most relaxed meal I've had as I saw people congregating before I'd wolfed it down and paid the bill. It was nice though and pretty reasonable - so thumbs up for a simple quick meal there !

Made my presence known and dashed off to the car to change and put some proper shoes on... and try to force a bit of charge into my phone. I was really looking forward to this. There were loads of people - around 20 I would say - mostly part or full time residents and a handful of tourists, and a couple of kids. It could turn out to be a long trip as we would be going at the pace of the slowest person and returning in the dark so racing ahead could prove unwise if the route wasn't blindingly obvious to retrace. Nothing for it but to relax and let things take their course.

It wasn't the perfect evening for a sunset, but I was sure it was going to be worth it and really wanted to get to grips with the route. I don't know it or the area that well and it's a perfect chance to correct that a bit. The walk is one of the Classic community walks put on by Walking Ibiza for a 10 euro donation and they hit up different areas over the weeks. This one I've wanted to do for a while but was never on the island at the right time.

I captured it on my gps watch - an out-and-back route up to Llentrisca which faces Es Vedra and has a peak at the same altitude as the top of the island. The Es Vedra view is supposed to be stunning. I've seen it from quite a few places but never here before.

Es Cubells route by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Our guide was Gato, a Mexican guy pretty well known for his own activity stuff and who also does the weekly Benirras kayak trips. We got some potted info along the way and a stop to sample the different types of juniper growing on the hillsides, both the type used to make Gin and its Mediterranean cousin which is a little more delicate.

Statue of Monk Fransesc Palau who built the church in Es Cubells

P7266634 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

Teresan Sisters Convent just outside Es Cubells, at the time it was built the largest building on the island and still in use as a Convent and refuge

P7266637 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

View back towards Porroig with the Rising Star making its presence felt on the sea

P7266636 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

These walks are very sociable affairs and what I really like is you get to meet people you would likely never cross paths with otherwise. You also get a chance to talk to each other. You will very likely make at least one new friend by the end of them !

P7266639 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

P7266640 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

The route passes through a vineyard owned by Can Rich

P7266642 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

... before the gradient picks up a bit and the people who do a lot of walking or running start to get a distinct advantage over those who spend more time behind a desk or in the car !!

P7266643 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr


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The paths become narrower, steeper and rockier as you climb but you can already feel it's going to be worth it

P7266653 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

P7266654 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

P7266648 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

... and then Es Vedra starts appearing and things become as magical as you hoped they would

P7266646 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

There's a marker at the top indicating the height of the summit, pretty much the same as the top of the island ahead.

P7266659 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

... which Gato couldn't help but show off on lol

P7266650 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

You can see Atlantis below (the promontory in the middle of the bay)

P7266649 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

I went beyond the summit with one of the group, who was into trail running like me, and we found another place to check the view out from. It wasn't big enough for everyone but about 4 of us including one of the kids sat there

P7266656 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

There was a little crystal ceremony - you take a crystal and make a wish as the sun set. I wished for a couple of things I really hoped for, very simple and selfless, and they both came about.

P7266658 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

There were a few hazards - including this hole underfoot right through the rock reminding you that you were sitting on an overhanging ledge you couldn't see from anywhere around ... slow and steady sees another day !

P7266655 by 103 Alex1, on Flickr

We didn't stay long, it was a long trip back with the light fading. But we made very good time and managed most of the worst of it before the torches came out. I felt I'd done something worthwhile with the extra time handed to me that I'd remember for years to come, and enjoyed myself and the company a great deal. New friends made too !

I was pretty knackered by the time I got back to the car but the Spotlight crew were in the middle of their clubbing marathon and I'd planned on saying hi at Cova Santa. Quick change out of my now sweaty and dusty clothes and shoes, and it was time to see if I could cram in at least ONE party this trip.


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So Cova Santa is really close to where the Es Cubells road joins the airport-Sant Josep road. It should have been a really straightforward thing. In my exhaustion my mind has completely clicked off and it was one of those times you remember why blindly following Google Maps on your phone is a very silly thing. I am much later than I was hoping and had no time to mess about. There's a Cova Santa housing development in Sant Jordi which has hellishly narrow roads and traffic lights controlling exit and entry to the blocks and yes, I wound up there. I knew something was wrong when it said 1 minute left at the windmill !!

After much cursing and some 3-point turning I managed to get the right one selected and escape from the tardis I'd driven into. Time was flying away by the time I retraced my steps and failed to get parked in the main car park, ending up in the ancillary one down the hill. The less-than-helpful parking assistants also managed to wave me forward right onto a rock outcrop in the dark and if I'd been in anything smaller than I was driving I'm sure there would have been damage as I heard a scrape/crunch and stopped while he was still waving me forward as if I was incompetent. Deep breath and try not to shout !!!

I'd managed to get just enough charge in my phone to stay on for a few minutes / WhatsApps - the only thing was it was HEAVING with solomun/tale of us/magdalena set going on and the door was basically barred off until after midnight. By the time I got in they would have finished and I knew getting around inside would have been a headache for anyone in there also ! Magdalena was on her own inside from midnight - now only about 10-15 minutes away. Really wasn't sure I was up to much of that.

Suddenly the whole day caught up with me along with the deja vu that I had another 'last day' incoming. I wasn't in a very sociable mood and REALLY just wanted to go to bed. So .... I made it to the steps of a club, which at least was a willing effort, but when push came to shove I just didn't have the reserves left to do it justice or be good company. And so I drove back to Santa Eularia, got a hotel parking space right beside the door off road and enjoyed the luxury of my little oasis instead :lol: .. I did feel a bit useless for not having pushed the boat out but at the same time knew deep down inside that in all the circumstances it was the right decision. Duly rain-showered, climbed into my comfy four-poster, set an alarm and slept like a baby ?


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So the final day.... I'd done better than ever before staying healthy and active on a trip to the island and my body was feeling it. Summoned the willpower for a final push and was out the door before 9am. It was a short run to start my final day much as I had started my first morning, albeit this time without the hasstle of driving and parking.

The sun was out, cleaners were finishing up and the square was looking fresh.

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Els Fameliars looking cheekily out with a voracious appetite I could already empathize with!

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The peak Season weekend is already taking its toll and turnout is considerably lower than on Wednesday :lol:. Stiff and a little sore, with even fewer chances to hide, the hour of circuits on a hastily swigged malodextrin drink wasn't the easiest start to the day. But I dug in and toughed it out, and after a swim finish I did feel happy and well again. The now-familiar beach setting made the pain a lot easier to endure at least !

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Ran back to the hotel afterwards and just made it into the breakfast room before they started closing down. Buffet was thrown in and it was decent enough. Copious helping of ham and cheese, fresh fruit, breads and coffee set me up and topped up my recovery shake. Had less than an hour left to pack up (properly this time) and check out, a midday deadline giving just enough time not to feel totally harrassed ?:lol:

... and just like that I'm back to living out of the car again ! This time I am resigned to going home today. The extra night gave me just enough not to feel I had cheated myself for the sake of a couple of hundred Euros and a bit of effort. Fate had been very good to me in the end.

So what to do with the time I had left ? My plans to rent a clear kayak for the afternoon had been thwarted yesterday after the guy running it offered me a slot and then pulled out when I accepted it. Suffice to say he's got a niche product but is completely disorganized and unprofessional, something I had confirmed to me by other friends who had had similar experiences with him. Null points lol.

So it's a massive long shot in late July but let's see how far my luck will run anyway !

Hippy market's causing a road block in Sant Carles ... my favourite parking attendants "helping" keep things flowing. It's holding little appeal for a detour !

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Cuss my way through a raft of near-misses (seriously, the driving is really atrocious) and jostle for a parking space at Cala Mastella.

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El Bigotes are in the middle of their 'a la plancha' sitting and whilst there's space I am a bit too late. The 2pm Bullit de Peix sitting is rammo, zero chance this time. Dad is no longer with us but his sons seem to be keeping the traditions alive. I'd have liked to try the stew again to see whether it's as good as it used to be but it's not happening today.

My stomach is leading the day again and despite wanting to just find a quiet beach to sunbathe till my plane leaves I've got a lot better and resolve to make time to sit down and eat anyway. Decide to chance my luck in Cala Nova.


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First stop Aiyanna.

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People are getting turned away but I agree to eat indoors to get my foot in the door. Just as my food arrives they manage to move me outside onto the terrace. Last meal - may as well live a little :lol:

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The lobster's lovely, as is the mocktail. You could be forgiven for thinking you're in the West Indies sitting in this venue. I think it's the mature palm trees and the colour of the sea.

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Full and happy, I'm going to end this trip somewhere a little more authentic. It's turned into a really lovely day and there's one spot nearby I think will fit the bill.