The one dj that makes u smile / blows ur mind..


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Has GOT 2 b Erick Morillo for me, whenever I feel like shit his sets bring me up! :) f***ing GENIUS!!! 8)
I tend to smile at dj's that smile a lot.
So it would be Erick Morillo and Carl cox ( for his gap toothed cheeky grin )
never seen danny tenaglia play but he would probably make me smile from what i have heard
oh and little louie vega he plays smily music.
MAW (preferably together but I'll settle for them on their own :p )
Danny T
Jon Carter
Oakie if I fancy a bit of trance
Danny Krivit

Sorry can't choose just the 1 :rolleyes: :p
for me it would have to be Donald Glaude - the energy that guy brings to the floor is unreal. Makes it impossible not to smile.
I have to go with whomever I have seen live. Because a CD does not cut it. With that in mind it has to be PVD.
Always gets me going. If he is playing I am smiling and dancing.
got to be DR hype..soz wrong board...i would say jon carter or judge jules
i c your a bit of a carter like to love his wife :eek:
he is a top DJ though
being from nyc, gotta go with the kings of house:

Danny T
Mr. Morillo
Hector Romero
the S-Man
and our adopted son, Mr. Danny Howells :D
Paul Van Dyk is probably the man who got me into clubbing :) For An Angel will always be something that will make me smile!

Im just obsessed with Morillo! I met my mates new girlfriend in the pub before- her name? - Amy Thomson!!! - (Im sure thats the name of EM's agent!)
jsmith4519 said:
i c your a bit of a carter like to love his wife :eek:
he is a top DJ though

How abouts me and you come to some kind of arrangement lol and I'll take Jon Carter off Sara Cox hands for you and you take Sara Cox off Jon Carter's hands for me LOL :p ;)

That aside tho I do think he is wicked DJ :D
colin peters manumssion poco loco bar never fails to amaze me pure class