The footy !!


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Good win for the toon Friday even if the officials tried to sway the match in Forrests favour🙄. Hoping this international break doesn’t come at the wrong time for us (again)

Who the f*** wants international football especially at this time of the season btw!!


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Conte will be kicking Levy's kid's puppy next in order to engineer his pink slip. He's wanted out since the first month he was there. Don't think he can entirely blame the board, his system has been rubbish and he's been too ignorant to change it
Yup, and which players is he saying aren't working for the team, and why is he starting them? Great for us Gooners, but he's making himself to look like a very bad manager. Poch had them 2nd, 3rd and 4th from 2015 to 2018. Conte currently has them back to where Poch bowed out - if he doesn't want his stock to seriously fall, he could try and change some things for the last 10 games. It's more than quarter of the season.

It would be unfair not to acknowledge he's been ill to be fair, and if he wants out, post that, who could blame him?

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Suppose they are a small team punching above their weight, also surprising to see Malaga down there, they were cash rich about a decade ago

they were owned by someone in the Middle East who I think ran off with all the money. The real shocker this year is Valencia. Real risk of relegation for one of the historic big guns

as for Spain's other island teams, Mallorca, Las Palmas and Tenerife have in recent years done ok relative to size/support. Tenerife are still fondly remembered in Barcelona for denying RM the liga on the final day of the season 30 years ago. I still have an old cassette from Catalunya Radio with the commentator completely losing his shit.