The case of the naked woman on top of the car...


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Interesting priorities of the police. So pickpockets and robbers and burglars aren't arrested and the police isn't even really interested.

But refuse to pay at a restaurant, and the police will show up immediately and arrest you.

Seems there is an unspoken agreement on Ibiza that criminals only target tourists (not locals), and in exchange, the police doesn't target criminals.
True. Figueretas full of illegal girls and pickpockets. I remember sleeping on that beach 15 years ago. No option now. Police gets there cut and do nothing.


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Charges for the driver and taxi-driver (quite right too) and maybe the woman on the roof should have had a seat-belt on (touch difficult on the roof!) but no charges for being nude on a public highway - that I can see!

Yayness - way to go Ibiza ?❤❤❤ (no wonder I keep going back year after year....)