Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2020

Thomas Cliche

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A totally different feel, but Ibiza 2020 was just as lovely, and I might even say it felt even more special as we’ve obviously never seen early September so chilled on the island.

Dates you were there: 30th Aug to 9th September

Where you stayed: cute little apartment with a rooftop on Carrer Enmig in Ibiza Town. View over the port. Then 3 nights in Hostal La Torre (it was waaaay more than I expected)

Club nights visited:

Best night:

Worst night:

Best bar: Paradise Lost, as always. Not only the finest cocktails prepared by Captain Jimmy, awesome staff, but also the people you’ll meet there are always the best. They reopened while we were there and were on the ball with cleaning, distancing etc, but the atmosphere was as fun as ever.

Best place to eat: had delicious food everywhere we went, but dinner at Hostal La Torre both nights was pretty special. Table on the rocks for sunset, staff were friendly and attentive, really chilled vibe, no rushing, and everything we ate was 10/10. Decent prices for the quality and setting (and no minimum spend as the website would indicate). We lunched there too, and did breakfast as we were staying, and again, great food.

PIKES - Pamelas is worth a visit. We went on the Friday for the fab Blondewearingblack, and although nothing like the usual pikes experience, it still had a very Pikes night kinda vibe. Food was perfect, possibly the best food I’ve enjoyed at Pikes, but maybe it’s because the meal was the entire night, rather than heading to Freddie’s for the night. Definitely worth going.

Best beach and/or beach club:
Best beach - loved Cala Olivera (thanks for the advice Stivi) and went back to spend a late afternoon there. Cala d’en Serra is possibly my favourite little beach ever, perhaps cos I didn’t expect how lovely it would be. And not a beach but a cliff walk to Punta Galera was another great afternoon, with quite a few local people out after the storms.
First time at Cala Gracioneta too, afternoon on the beach, then food and drinks at el chiringuito. Again, super attentive staff, and pricier than an average lunch for us but well worth it. Walked along the rocks to Cala Gracioneta when the sun came out in between the Monday downpours and swam in the sea, we were the only people there and it was a fab experience.

Money spent: scared to check!

Biggest regret: Didn’t get to Sa Trinxa this time, usually it’s one of my favourite days.

Going back?: 100%. Solid plan in place to move out in the next 2 years, so lots more exploring to do.

Top tip:
Hire a Vespa! Ideal for staying in Ibiza town, no parking hassles, can do es vedra sunset without planning where to leave your car. We did lots of corners of the island we hadn’t seen before.
If you CAN get to Ibiza this year, I’d say do it. Ibiza town was super quiet in the day, but as soon as everything opened at 6pm after siesta, the port area , Sa Penya, and plaza Del parque and Vara Del Rey were bustling and busy as ever. Every precaution was being taken with masks and distancing etc.

roll on 2021
Nice review. I'm so jalous of all of you guys that did visit Ibiza in 2020. See you in 2021 for sure. My little baby boy was born last Monday.


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Sunset Ashram was great this trip as they actually had a DJ and kept doing cheeky high volume half hours. :D
One of the biggest things I miss from the old days is the how loud everything was - especially in the day time.