Tell us how it was - Ibiza 2019


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Below is our review of our second trip to Ibiza this year as a couple.

Dates you were there: 2nd to the 6th of October

Where you stayed: Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa in PDB

I was looking at staying here in August last year but if memory serves me right it was about £1000 for 4 nights which was too much. 4 nights on these dates was on £550 which I think was good value.

The apartment was huge and on 3 levels, kitchen downstairs, living area in the middle and bedroom on the top. The pool / bar area was great with good music throughout the day and loads of beautiful people. I only find females attractive but the girlfriend made no attempt to hide her satisfaction at the male eye candy about :)

Club nights visited

Friday the 4th Solomun + New Jackson LIVE @ Destino

I took the advice someone posted on here about booking a meal at Destino (min spend €100) to get free entry to the event.

The food was tasty, the portions were small but that was exactly what we needed at the time.

After the meal we joined the party. We were both fired up for it having been looking forward to it for months and it being first night out since arriving.

I was not particularly impressed with New Jackson or the DJ before him but Solomun was amazing. He had us both jumping about like a couple of nutjobs.

We drank far too much (could not believe it when I checked my statement when home) and on at least a couple of occasions my girlfriend exclaimed “This is the best night of my life”

We also briefly spoke to the @FallenangelGparsons and his friends but all I can remember is trying his ginger.

Somehow a couple of French guys from Paris ended up sharing a taxi back to PDB with us. I’m not sure how this happened as we were not speaking to them in the taxi queue.

I can only remember one conversation we had

Me: I’ve never been to Paris

French guy: You should come

Me: Is there any good clubs?

French guy: No good clubs and the people are rude but you should still come.

He did not exactly sell it but I might visit one day.

Friday the 4th Dixon presents Transmoderna Closing Party

After Destino we went back to the hotel, freshened up and headed to Pacha.

Not much to say really, the music was good from what I can remember but by this point we were too wasted to enjoy it.

I held out until the 3rd time my girlfriend said she wanted to leave then it was back to the hotel. We were only there for about 1 hour which was a shame.

Saturday the 5th Amnesia Closing Party (nearly…..)

We woke up buzzing after having such a good night at Destino the day before and spent the afternoon drinking and reminiscing.

It was not until late on in the day (about 5pm) we had our first and only thing to eat that day. Afterwards we went to sleep for a bit and woke about midnight and started to get ready to go out.

It all went downhill when standing in the queue waiting to get into Amnesia. My girlfriend says to me “I don’t feel well” and 10 seconds later she passes out/faints. Luckily, she fell into me and I laid her on the ground.

Security saw her go down and went off to alert the welfare team. She was only on the deck for a couple of minutes then was able to stand and walk away from the queue. The security guy who helped her noticed she had dropped her ticket when falling and when handing it back to her said “You can come in when you feel better” which I thought was nice.

By this time the lady from welfare arrived with a wheelchair! I will never forget the look on my girlfriend face as she was being wheeled away, it was a look of WTF is going on!

We spent the next 20 mins in the welfare tent, her pulse and blood pressure were taken, she was given some water and told she is fine.

It’s not something that has ever happened before and we are putting it down to not enough food and probably dehydration.

We then had the decision to make, do we go in or back to the hotel. My girlfriend was pretty shaken by what happened and was worried it could happen again so back to the hotel it was (which was fair enough)

So, while I cannot review the Amnesia closing I can say the welfare team were very nice.

Back at the hotel my girlfriend says “I think it might be time to hang up my raving shoes”.

What a difference a day makes she went from having the time of her life to quitting for good.

Best night: Destino

Worst night: Amnesia…..

Best bar: We did most of our drinking at the hotel bar and just popped into where ever was closest for a pint when out and about.

Best place to eat: The food at Destino was good. We ate at a few restaurants near the hotel and they were all decent (and very quiet due to the time of year)

Money spent: Hotel and flights was about £800, spent about £1000

Biggest regret: Kicking the arse out of it too much which resulted in the Amnesia incident.

Going back?: Of course we are, them raving shoes are not ready to be put away for good!

Top tip: Eat more than 1 meal a day and stay hydrated….
girls ey? what would we do without them...?.when we went to cova santa my wife was feeling weak so i had to get her a burger from that bbq stall, after the burger and some cava she was fine, anyway very interesting review and good to read you still had fun and she was fine!


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Sorry to butt in on this kim/sez

In my opinion Barbarellas is much more of a club type set up (with soundsystem to boot), and has more in common with the space terrace of old than it does with Pikes as I have experienced.



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Dates you were there:
May 16-19
Where you stayed:
Amistat Island Hostel in San Antonio (solo traveller)
Club nights visited:
Ushuaia/Odyssey Opening

Best night: Honestly every night was the best. The scenery, people that I met, and the experience was awesome. I was a solo traveller but going to the Cirque De La Nuit boat party and the Odyssey opening was the highlight of my trip!

Worst night: probably the first night exhausted was traveling for 14hrs and n

Best bar: Cafe del Mar

Best place to eat: La Guay ate here every morning and the breakfast is really good! I ate at other restaurants but they were alright.

Money spent: roughly US$2,000 ($1,200 For flight, $65 for hostel, $600 for food, drinks, transportation and tickets)

Biggest regret: Not going out to more clubs. When I went to the Odyssey opening and when it was over there was another club HI opened and bummed out I didn't go. Also, not seeing Es Vedra

Going back?: hopefully in June '20

Top tip: If you're still deciding on whether to go solo or not, definitely do it! Take the bus for transportation, because taxis are expensive (I was too lazy to wait for the bus schedules)


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Dates you were there:
28th September - 5th October

Where you stayed:
San Antonio

Club nights visited:

Sunday - Audiowhore @ Eden
I wanted to stay in but there was a dj on the line up that my GF really wanted to see so ended up going. Planned to drive the next day so had to stay sober all night and to my surprise I enjoyed it much more than I thought I will. Jacky played a really good set which ended up being the highlight of the night.

Monday - Cocoon @ Amnesia
More detailed review here

Tuesday - Cocoon after @ Benimussa Park
More detailed review here

Thursday day - Music On @ Destino
I love Carl but the set he was playing didn't do it to me... he really adapted his sound to carola - which is fair enough, should have managed the expectations really. The highlight ended up being dinner at destino restaurant - fantastic service and food as well as briefly meeting the pirate!

Thursday night - Afterlife @ Hi
I really liked the line up that night so was hoping to enjoy it despite what everyone said on the forum. But I couldn't stop noticing all the things that people mentioned before...the sound in the club room was too bassy, it did feel like people constantly are moving around, crowd was very glamour - it was bizarre to see some girls in high heels snapchating themselves while rodhad was banging out some serious techno, lol. Also the 2 exits on the sides in the club room and the light coming out of them and the bouncer standing by one of them was really annoying. Was shocked to see how worse it was compared to space. However, I do think that the fact that I went to Music on beforehand and had 3 other parties that week did contribute to me feeling more tired and grumpy.

Friday - Transmoderna @ Pacha
To sum up briefly - quality set from dixon accompanied with very impressive production and visuals that perfectly fit his sound, wow! Loved the new layout of pacha and not sure if they upgraded the sound system too but it sounded much better than few years ago, the last tune dixon played almost sounded like it was being performed live (concert type), very impressive. Managed to find the side garden which was mentioned by someone on the forum so thanks for that tip! :)
Naughty tune of the night - Marie Davidson - 'Work It (Soulwax Remix)'
Tune of the night: Tunnelvisions - Rain Dance

Best night:
Cocoon After Party @ Benimussa Park
More detailed review here

Worst night:
Afterlife @ Hi

Best bar:
Stocked up with beers in Lidl

Best place to eat:
Destino - class service and delicious food!

Money spent:

Biggest regret:
The day I planned to go Formentera felt way too tired so didn't go in the end. I wish I didn't waste my time with afterlife and went bed early instead.

Going back?: Yes!

Top tip: If you stay in San Antonio do your shopping in Lidl instead of the small shops in central San An. Prices in Lidl are crazy cheap - 5 liter water was only one euro or so!

Very special thanks to @framch30 for explaining how to save a bit of cash by booking a table at destino restaurant and getting free entry!! To our surprise Carl Cox was having lunch there too! Also huge thanks to @AntonioGeordio for all the great advice and finally thanks to the rest of the forum - from finding a secret garden in pacha to visiting amazing beach all those tips you guys give do make the holiday extra special!!