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Hiiii - seems rude not to leave a review / rarely post here now.

Short stay - 3-8 October, Ibiza town.

Yearly veteran since the mid 90s - last trip was in 2007 (unless you count a Benirrás retreat off-season last year).

I was really keen to see how much things have changed - and it's got crazy with the €€€€€. :eek:

Not here to moan - I'll be back next year (needed over a decade away as it was getting ridiculous :lol:). Glad to say it's still my fave place on the planet - mainly because you can't recreate the magic formula anywhere else.

If you're lucky enough to find a decent party, the crowd is so wonderfully trashy. Elements at Benirrás had it in spades last year - the closing party at the end of Oct was full of islanders, workers, wizened stragglers who have danced through the entire season, wide eyed ravers, tripped-out crusties, gay muscle clones/bears, old-timers with long, grey dreadlocks, jet-set gazillionaires fresh from superyachts, men from Del Monte and trashy, glamazon supermodels etc etc...

So it's nice to see it's all still there - I guess you have to look a little deeper to find it. Kinda miss the freebies like Bora Bora (is that still a thing?) and most of all, the daytime dancing thing (rocking up at a club all fresh at 7am and knowing the island was truly 24 hour).

Wellbeing seems to have taken off in a big way also - this is a great thing but I'm sensing lots of new-agers and insta-yogis are all over it (argh).


Glitterbox - Crowd was a bit dodgy (bit Manumission with the Brit turnout) but I love the razzmatazz of the large venue and androgynous club freaks etc. Always good to see straight blokes eyeing up drag queens unawares :lol:. It's a little bit sad to see the spot where the original space terrace was - but verdict on Hï is that it's a fabulous venue. It's vast/jaw dropping - and versatile when you compare the theatre bit to the club area which is designed in such a way that dancers don't face the DJ booth. I didn't expect to love it, having read lots of negative viewpoints on the theatre.
So Glitterbox - bit cheesy in places (bit like the MoS nights) but truly world class.

Sa Trinxa/Salinas - Jon Sa Trinxa still plays on Mondays and Wednesdays - pretty much the number one thing that keeps me coming back these days. Such a talent.


What have they done to Pacha? It used to be such a beautiful building with low hanging chandeliers and vintage, finca mosaic tiling. The dance floor was in the centre and it had a unique Spanish feel which was out there on its own. They now appear to have ripped the soul out of it because the restructure just looks like a 'face-the-stage' superclub (could be anywhere frankly). The original VIP section was really ace because it wasn't too imposing and always had that fancy appeal that a superstar or royalty might be lurking. Now half the frigging club is VIP...this new style of class segregation is vile/off-putting and contributes nothing to the atmosphere.

Dixon/Transmoderna - I guess the kids love it, but this music is very serious/blokie and didn't really go anywhere much. I recognise that of its genre it's well produced - but weren't we dancing to that same 'progressive' beat 20 years ago? Surely it's time for DJs to start diversifying and taking people on a journey rather than sticking to one signature sound?

DC10 - I didn't go on principle. Call me a mizzogs but I find it hard to fathom that people are willing to cough up €70/80 Euros to go to a club that's supposedly underground? It used to be free with very few Brits and now it appears to be a total money pit. I'm all for getting paid - but narrowing your demographic to trustafarian kids and Champagne Charlies does nowt for atmos. Neither does packing a club to the gills so you can't move (which is standard for closing parties I hear?). See also Ushuaia - never been!


It's little wonder all the veterans have fled to Croatia (I don't know anyone who goes to Ibiza any more ?). If they carry on with the aggressive Vegas promotion, they'll reach a tipping point - but in my case, it's the history and connection I have with the place that keeps me coming back.

See you in 2020.

Disagree about Dixon - i find his sets really exciting! But top review nonetheless - a reminder of how much Robder's posts are missed


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Dates you were there: 3rd -7th October

Where you stayed:
Palmyra San Antonio

Club nights visited:
Defected Closing

Best night:
Enjoyed Defected but my favourite night was probably when a group of us went for sunset on Saturday to Mambo. Got a great table at the front of the decking, had a few beers and then started on the cocktails. The company was great, we had a great laugh and got completely smashed

Worst night:
Didn't have one although after 3 very boozy days and nights we didn't go to Glitterbox closing because we were knackered

Best bar:
My sister and i went for a walk on Friday morning as she hadn't seen much of San An before so we ended up at Mambo having Strawberry Daquiris at 10am. Purely for the stupidity of doing that, i'll say Mambo this trip.

Best place to eat:
Cocktails, Beers and Sunday roast at Pikes. Tapas amazing as always

Money spent:
As always, i don't care. :)

Biggest regret:

Going back?:
Of course!!!!! This was a very quick trip under the pretence of doing planning stuff for next year...... had a great time, didn't do any substances (a first in 20 years!) ate well, drank loads, met some great people, saw next years wedding venue, showed family around some of my favourite places..... roll on next May and July!


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Disagree about Dixon - i find his sets really exciting! But top review nonetheless - a reminder of how much Robder's posts are missed

Thank you sir (and hi).

I've never disliked the Innervisions thing as such (they're a talented bunch) - I just find the 'deep house' tag a bit perplexing.

Surely Larry Heard/Mr Fingers, early Kerri Chandler, Ron Trent etc etc are 'deep house'? This definitely wasn't that!

I guess I've been spoilt with Loft offshoot parties in London which tend to straddle all genres, eras and sounds across the globe - less faddy and keeps me interested.

Hope that doesn't sound snobby - at 40 I'm definitely too old to be cool. :lol:

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yeah it isn't 'house' in the classic soulful US sense (which Dixon actually used to play a fair bit at plastic people) but nor is it 'prog' in the wooshy 90s suburban-blokes-in-pony-tails tradition. I think the Germans just have their own take on it, which owes more to a dramatic symphonic European sound going back to Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and other early synth wizards (with an element of Detroit thrown in).

[and with that, my beard just reached the floor :lol:]

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Top tip:
This forum is a gold mine of information and great people and contacts, which is sometimes overshadowed by the talk of DJs, clubs, petty arguments etc. But I really felt a sense of being free on this trip to just go with the flow and maybe after 5 years and a over dozen trips found at least part of the true essence of Ibiza, which is the shared experience with like minded people.

^ so true


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yeah it isn't 'house' in the classic soulful US sense (which Dixon actually used to play a fair bit at plastic people) but nor is it 'prog' in the wooshy 90s suburban-blokes-in-pony-tails tradition. I think the Germans just have their own take on it, which owes more to a dramatic symphonic European sound going back to Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and other early synth wizards (with an element of Detroit thrown in).

[and with that, my beard just reached the floor :lol:]

In the company of giants then, I think you're giving him a lot of credit there. :0


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Arrived on the 10th September and left on the 18th, 8 nights all up. Regret not booking a few more nights as the weather was quite bad for most of the time we were there. Calmed down on the day we were leaving. But shit happens.

Stayed in Playa Den Bossa, The New Algarb. Only wanted a bed to sleep in with some comfort. Aircon barely worked and the bathrooms are fkn rubbish. Nearly slipped and cracked my head a few times as they are shower/bath combo. When you open the sliding door to access, you have to awkwardly step onto the curve of the bath. Most nights i popped in earplugs and left the balcony door open for sea breeze. Worked nicely.

Nights Visited: Tuesday 10th/Bodyworks, Friday 13th/Shadows Closing Party, Monday 16th/Cocoon

Best Night: This is a huge toss up between Shadows and Cocoon, both blew my expectations out of the water. I love Amnesia, the feel of the place just makes me seem at home. Cova Santa had a similar feel, the outdoor vibe and just everyone dancing was fabulous. Magdalena was killing the decks. Until of course the rain set in. We were able to hide from the rain for a short while, the bar area next to the stairs down to the toilet/club area. Made a mad dash after 10mins or so but got completely soaked still, my partner wasn't enjoying wet shoes/messy hair etc. Killed the night for her. But i kept on going. Everything moved down into the club, man it was humid. Sweating like crazy and certain other things made me overheat. Once we caught the bus to continue on at Amnesia my excitement hit peak level. Solomun was amazing! Everyone was just dancing, plenty of room to groove, not many phones and just great tunes. I was dancing like a mad man, we finished up around 2am. I would've kept going until close but cant please myself only. 9/10

Cocoon is just a plain 10/10 for me, we arrived around 12.30 and were there as the terrace filled. Plenty of room to dance and just let loose. Spent most of our time over by the Stairs that access the VIP area. Next to the bar/womens loo etc. The build up by Sven was fricken epic, seeing his Mum in the booth and his bro dancing in front is something i will never forget. Everyone was just vibing and wanted to dance and go crazy. This is why i made it over... Amazing. Bailed around 4.30am.

Worst Night: My partner really wanted to see Fisher, it was the night we arrived. After 40+ hrs of travel i was hanging by a thread. Pre arranged a few things which put me in the mood. Headed out to Dunes for a couple of pre drinks around 11pm. Grabbed the tickets there instead of door prices. Rocked into Hi Ibiza around 1pm. Ok... so a few things of changed. Style is a big one. I have never in my life see so many bums. I'm not complaining but wow! Fishnet dresses with G strings everywhere. Definitely wasn't our style as there was a lot of younger crowd running around doing young things. Music wise Camelphat/Solardo killed it. Popped in to see Fisher, way to crowded and his tunes were Ok. The whole feel of the nightclub didn't vibe with me or my Partner at all. Like many have said, it feels like people are constantly moving around. Being able to dance is nearly impossible and the phones were a joke, basically 80% of people were filming most of the time. 4/10

Best Bar:
Didnt do to many bars tbh, im not a huge drinker. But Dunes had a nice feel.

Best place to eat: Most nights we walked around Playa Den Bossa and just picked a different spot to eat. Nothing to write home about. One place which was fairly nice. San Antoni - La Cantina, couldn't fault the meal here. Great portion for the price also.

Money spent: Sheesh... Ok, so trekkin over from Australia. This was quite an expensive trip, around $6500aud, for flights, accom, car hire and spending money.

Biggest regret: Not staying out to close on both Shadows and Cocoon.

Going back?: Will be sooner the 12yrs ill tell you that much. Hopefully 2021 or even next year if possible. But 2021 is more likely.

Top tip: Hire a car or scooter. Being able to trek around is amazing. Saw so much more of the isle this time, easily tops my first trip over by quite a bit. I used Hiper rent a car as the prices were under Moto Luis and others. Got full insurance, luckily i did as someone caved in the rear bumper of my hire car while parked up at a Suma deli.

Also if you get a chance head out to Es Canar for the Hippie Market, great selection of stuff to buy. The had some rocking live music on while we were there. Playing all sorts of older hits, great atmosphere.
Great review mate!


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Dates you were there: 28/09 - 03/10

Where you stayed: 3 nights at Central Playa, Figueretas & 2 nights at Hard Rock

Club nights visited: Glitterbox @ Hi and DJ Harvey @ Pikes

Best night: Easily Harvey! Nice crowd, nice venue. Only complaint - how are you supposed to find your way around when they keep closing off pathways & areas?!

Worst night: Glitterbox wasn't that bad, but it does seem a lot more commercial/cheesy these days. Dimitri From Paris was on first in the Club and he was really good, played some nice, more down tempo stuff. Spent most of the time in the Wild Corner listening to Andy Baxter.

Best bar: Paradise Lost

Best place to eat: Shamefully didn't eat out much this time, but had an amazing burger at The Booo and some decent tapas at La Cava.

Money spent: No idea? Losing my purse at Pikes wasn't ideal.

Biggest regret: Not eating more!

Going back?: June!

Top tip: Use the bus.

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Best night: Easily Harvey! Nice crowd, nice venue. Only complaint - how are you supposed to find your way around when they keep closing off pathways & areas?!

we stuck to the back side door, easy access to the second garden. I found some of the staff were a bit moody and not that communicative but no real issues. I love the venue despite the congestion. Out of interest, how does it compare with barbarellas?


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Dates you were there: 04/10 - 11/10

Where you stayed: Bergantin (family holiday)

Club nights visited: Dixon closing and Apollonia @ Underground
was planning circo loco closing but tickets were at 80 and 90 thanks
Best night: enjoyed both

Worst night:

Best bar: De ja Vu in Bossa meeting on old friend and a few in Ibiza town

Best place to eat: stopped in at the old Chinese at the bottom of the west end, did not disappoint as ever :)

Money spent: not sure

Biggest regret: None, and if I did have any I fix it next year

Going back?: Yes, if grannies are up for it again to babysit

Top tip: try October out there, 2 years now in a row and its been brill, weather really good as well

bumped into Stivi in Savannahs, what a lovely guy as always, he noticed my sister straight away after 2/3 years... top man


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Dates you were there: Saturday 12th October -Tuesday 15th October

Where you stayed: El Puerto Hotel - Ibiza Town (just down the road past Burger King) ... actually this was a perfect place to stay for a short trip and actually first hotel I've stayed in Ibiza. Its been re-furbed this year and all the rooms and public spaces are really smart. Slight issue with the showers leaking due to bad seals and to shallow trays but apart from that couldn't really fault it for ~£70 night. We had read some reports of unfriendly staff but had no issues ourselves. Would stay here again.

Club nights visited:

Saturday :
House Party @ Pikes - Bushwacka - We were in Ibiza with a friend of my wife's and another friend of hers who are not massive clubbers but not novices either and booked Pikes to ease ourselves into the trip and arrived at about 11.30pm after having some drinks in the Teatro bar attached to the hotel. It was already very busy and they were turning people away at the door without guestlist. We had arranged to meet some friends who were staying there and we had met in September and back in 2017. They had made friends with a lot of other Brits at Pikes and were already in a bit of state but it was fun hanging out with there group and I probably only ventured into Freddies a couple of times. Music was probably more to my taste than most previous visits but the sounds system seemed to be struggling particularly the bass and I also have a problem with the strobes and the mirror ball but outside was fun and I was lucky enough to meet @diver and his wife and spent a good few hours chatting like we were old mates. Other randoms were met including some a group of younger Londoners/Aussies who I tried to persuade to come to the expected Solomun after party but they were on holiday with there Gran. All good fun and left at 3.45

Sunday : Solomun +1 Closing with Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME) - Started the day with a bit of wander for breakfast at 10am after about 5 hours sleep ... felt good and for some reason we ended up at the Ferry terminal bar which was very busy with a lot a casualties of what must have been a Music On afterparty ... our friends arrived about 11am and didn't like the noise of the ferries grinding so we de-camped to Mar Y Sol and they had breakfast and we had beers and decided to head to Talamanca for the day ... except the wife who went back to bed .... actually the weather was superb .. not too hot and the clouds cleared later in the afternoon and we ended up having pizza in the restuarant on the beach with the thick woodern tables .... headed home and managed to get a good couple of hours sleep in before finally leaving the hotel at about 12.30 and arrived at Pacha at for 1am .... it was reasonably busy for how early was and Keinemusik were playing some nice stuff but we headed up to the terrace for an hour or so and met various people including many of the group of Brits from Pikes the previous night, another group of Brits we met in 2018 and went to Solomun closing 2018 with and also a French worker guy who we randonmly met on the coach from Cova Santa to Amnesia for Shadows closing in September. Headed inside around 2.30am to our favoured upstairs section but it was busier than I've ever seen it ... we though our way through to a decent spot and some locals were already really enjoying themselves with some crazy energetic dancing. It seemed that a lot of people were anticipating Solomun's entrance at 3am but by 3.30 it seems a lot retreated to the terrace and there was good space and Solomun's set was so much better than I had heard in September. One friend wasn't feeling it and left around 4.30 and by 6.30 the other one had seen enough too. We tried to escort her to the exit via the "new" side smoking area but the roof terrace had been shut and we to go via the dancefloor which was a struggle since with the roof terrace shut there were more people inside then I had ever seen before and there was something of a crush around the area getting to the downstairs side smoking area. We managed to find ourway back upstairs and actually the crowd seemed to thin out quite quickly from around 7 and this is when the music got even better. @white_isle_calling said it before but 7am-10am was really great musicall with some super stuff being played but with there being no sign of a finish we called it a day at 10am and emerged into the full daylight and wandered back into the Port for our latest ever finish and very impressed with Mrs Zap's efforts. We had a beer and somebreakfast again at the Ferry terminal bar and headed to bed at 11.30 knowing that the afters at Benimussa park was yet to come.

Monday : Solomun +1 Closing Afterparty @ Benimussa Park (Magdelana, Solomun & Keinemusik)

We woke at around 4pm not feeling too bad and i headed out for a coffee and ate some scraps of food left in the room including some left over watermelon which was delightful. Our friends had gone to the beach again and decided against the afterparty and as we prepared the weather turned and a rainstorm came through. Checking with friends in San An what the weather was doing they said it was the same but passing through so we grabbed a taxi at about 5.30 and arrived at Benimussa Park for 6pm ... Magdelena as usual was playing some nice stuff and apart from a few wet seats the rain didn't seem to effect proceedings. Our friends arrived at around 7 and I think Keinemusik and Solomun came on at around 7.30pm - slightly later than planned. Actually, it was at this point that I had gone to chat to @diver and his wife who was by now with @stivi and his group including @white_isle_calling and quite a cool moment as Solomun walked down the slope towards the stage straight past us and spotted Stivi and they greeted each other like old friends with a hug (I guess due to the Spotlight interview earlier in the year) and further re-enforced the view of Solomun being a super down to earth guy. From here I spent the night going back and forth between different groups of friends and dancing in different places around the outside. The music was again superb apart from maybe a lull of one-hour where it seemed less inspiring. The crowd was really superb and this probably surpassed the same event last year as one of the best I've been to. Outside finished at about 11pm and although it hadn't been the plan the wife and I headed into the Rabbit Hole straight away almost the first people in there to be greeted by Rampa and &ME warming up the empty room whilst eating pizza. The best thing about the Rabbit Hole was that this year they limited entry and we found plenty of room to dance and whilst the music wasn't always great it picked up and the crowd was really friendly and fun and we danced and chatted to people from all over the world having lots of fun bumping into @white_isle_calling (who had been in a bit of a pickle but gave us some beer) and @stivi and his friends were around too. We hung on until 2am which felt like a good effort and eventually got to bed by 3am. All in all a superb night, so much fun and just how you would imagine a closing party to be. No real hassles with perverts like earlier in the year and actually a better crowd than closing 2018.

Best night: The Pacha Closing and Afters combo cannot be seperated. One of the best 24 hours clubbing I've ever had and I thought last year Solomun closing was difficult to beat...

Worst night: Didn't have a bad one at all this trip and even the flight home wasn't too bad yesterday

Best bar: Have to say the Ferry terminal bar. Waitresses are pretty friendly and efficient

Best place to eat: didn't do great on the food front ... must try harder!

Money spent: Did better this time but probably £1k for 3 days all in .... helped getting €1.15 - £1 with the Clarity card

Biggest regret: Probably not going to make Solomun closing next year as we shift our trip to the beginning of October but you can't have everything we have had a superb year in Ibiza and it keeps getting better.

Going back?: already have hotel booked for October 2020
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That's it, it's time to take a break on this fantastic year 2019, perhaps the most beautiful of my life spent in Ibiza.
3 months is the luxury we were able to offer on the island this year.
I will not come back on the past two and a half months this summer, you have all read here the pleasure I had to share it with you.
October 10, Saint-Chef, France.
Good news gives me the green light to fill the car and go back to Ibiza for a big week. We do not think, the next day 20h we take possession of our cabin on the ferry Balearia, just time to realize and I see, at 7am the next day, the old city of Ibiza draw in the early morning.
A few hours later and here we are in Portinatx, seated at the most beautiful chiringuito of the world, drinking a cava to the sound of YokoO while the fishermen return to port.
Our arrival in the village did not go unnoticed, all the friends join us quickly, the hierba flows, my nostrils tickle me, very late in the night I go back to bed.
Alarm clock.
SJ Market.
Drank too much.
Descent to ibiza.
Private party in Santa Gzrtrudis = I am burnt.
No time to hang out, heading to Stivi's house.
Too happy to find my friend, we have no time to react that we go to Pacha for Solomun.
Unfortunately, for health reasons, my dear wife can not stay, we go back to Portinatx around
There will be 5 days of restaurants, beautiful lights, laughs, joints, lines, tears ... And finally, by the magic of this forum, the meeting with Diver, and his charming wife Cathy, or when two dinosaurs cross each other ...
All this on a background of coke, hierba, fresh fish, warm beer and laughter.
See you next year ...


Below is our review of our second trip to Ibiza this year as a couple.

Dates you were there: 2nd to the 6th of October

Where you stayed: Migjorn Ibiza Suites & Spa in PDB

I was looking at staying here in August last year but if memory serves me right it was about £1000 for 4 nights which was too much. 4 nights on these dates was on £550 which I think was good value.

The apartment was huge and on 3 levels, kitchen downstairs, living area in the middle and bedroom on the top. The pool / bar area was great with good music throughout the day and loads of beautiful people. I only find females attractive but the girlfriend made no attempt to hide her satisfaction at the male eye candy about :)

Club nights visited

Friday the 4th Solomun + New Jackson LIVE @ Destino

I took the advice someone posted on here about booking a meal at Destino (min spend €100) to get free entry to the event.

The food was tasty, the portions were small but that was exactly what we needed at the time.

After the meal we joined the party. We were both fired up for it having been looking forward to it for months and it being first night out since arriving.

I was not particularly impressed with New Jackson or the DJ before him but Solomun was amazing. He had us both jumping about like a couple of nutjobs.

We drank far too much (could not believe it when I checked my statement when home) and on at least a couple of occasions my girlfriend exclaimed “This is the best night of my life”

We also briefly spoke to the @FallenangelGparsons and his friends but all I can remember is trying his ginger.

Somehow a couple of French guys from Paris ended up sharing a taxi back to PDB with us. I’m not sure how this happened as we were not speaking to them in the taxi queue.

I can only remember one conversation we had

Me: I’ve never been to Paris

French guy: You should come

Me: Is there any good clubs?

French guy: No good clubs and the people are rude but you should still come.

He did not exactly sell it but I might visit one day.

Friday the 4th Dixon presents Transmoderna Closing Party

After Destino we went back to the hotel, freshened up and headed to Pacha.

Not much to say really, the music was good from what I can remember but by this point we were too wasted to enjoy it.

I held out until the 3rd time my girlfriend said she wanted to leave then it was back to the hotel. We were only there for about 1 hour which was a shame.

Saturday the 5th Amnesia Closing Party (nearly…..)

We woke up buzzing after having such a good night at Destino the day before and spent the afternoon drinking and reminiscing.

It was not until late on in the day (about 5pm) we had our first and only thing to eat that day. Afterwards we went to sleep for a bit and woke about midnight and started to get ready to go out.

It all went downhill when standing in the queue waiting to get into Amnesia. My girlfriend says to me “I don’t feel well” and 10 seconds later she passes out/faints. Luckily, she fell into me and I laid her on the ground.

Security saw her go down and went off to alert the welfare team. She was only on the deck for a couple of minutes then was able to stand and walk away from the queue. The security guy who helped her noticed she had dropped her ticket when falling and when handing it back to her said “You can come in when you feel better” which I thought was nice.

By this time the lady from welfare arrived with a wheelchair! I will never forget the look on my girlfriend face as she was being wheeled away, it was a look of WTF is going on!

We spent the next 20 mins in the welfare tent, her pulse and blood pressure were taken, she was given some water and told she is fine.

It’s not something that has ever happened before and we are putting it down to not enough food and probably dehydration.

We then had the decision to make, do we go in or back to the hotel. My girlfriend was pretty shaken by what happened and was worried it could happen again so back to the hotel it was (which was fair enough)

So, while I cannot review the Amnesia closing I can say the welfare team were very nice.

Back at the hotel my girlfriend says “I think it might be time to hang up my raving shoes”.

What a difference a day makes she went from having the time of her life to quitting for good.

Best night: Destino

Worst night: Amnesia…..

Best bar: We did most of our drinking at the hotel bar and just popped into where ever was closest for a pint when out and about.

Best place to eat: The food at Destino was good. We ate at a few restaurants near the hotel and they were all decent (and very quiet due to the time of year)

Money spent: Hotel and flights was about £800, spent about £1000

Biggest regret: Kicking the arse out of it too much which resulted in the Amnesia incident.

Going back?: Of course we are, them raving shoes are not ready to be put away for good!

Top tip: Eat more than 1 meal a day and stay hydrated….