Tania Vulcano played this track - space opening 2003 - HELP!

hi, i'm searching for a special track: it was played on the space terrace (opening party 2003) by tania vulcano. first there's a guy speaking (everyone on the floor knew the text - but not me :( and the refrain sounds like " bibabaduap" ;) .....can anybody help me pleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!
hi steven, sorry but it's not the song i heard. it is too fast for the song i mean.

the voice an the speed of the song sounds more like in the track "the streets - weak becomes heroes"..... :confused:
Foremost poets - open season

Could be this, i cant imagine tania playing this one but its starts off going bidaahh biddy bip b... yeah u get the idea. then it goes into a loose house beat with an almost hip hip sounding vocal but still pretty soulful.

i can email u a sample if u need it.
thank you, i got it. but :( it's not the song. Hmmm, i'm very astonished that nobody knows this big song...the people from ibiza shouted the text over the floor!!!!
hangon a min, your not talking about "junior jack - e-samba" are you? I assume most people would know the words to that?
i think you may be looking for the same song i am, does it have congos and bongos in the middle, and is that melody played by a sax?