sven vath or sanchez?

The dilema is way too hard for a normal person, hence i suggest u to do both in the same night... split it however u want :)
vath or sanchez

It's like apples and oranges, or Britney and J-Lo...Somewhat similar, but mostly different

If you aren't particular about the style of music, then I say go with Sanchez, cause he is a superior DJ, but if you're there the week Hawtin plays @ Cocoon, definitely see him -- he's un-fecking-believable
great thanks for the help everyone....half said sanchez and the other half said vath....hmmm back to where i started....Im still not sure what im gonna do but i still appreciate the effort....ill decide when im on the island

-the bloke
sven väth , of course , but i recommend you to take a pair of earplugs with you 8)
depends on what you like more:

house music?
fairly weird and hard, high quality techno?

i prefer techno :D ;) 8)
definitely sven väth!!!!!
ive never seen sven vath....i saw roger a couple months ago in la and had a great time.....isnt it great when ur problem is having to choose between sven and roger :)
Hun lets go to BOTH :D

If you're going to make me pick, then I would say the S man cuz he was so great in Los Angeles. But its a hard choice because we have never seen Sven. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!!

By the way, you're reeeeeeeeally fine 8)

-xoxo ME
if you want techno go check out carl cox and def go hit up sanchez at pacha...i went last year and it was def one of my fav nights on the island...the s man is soooo smoooooth on the tables