Superfreq @ BoHo 2009 *CANCELLED*


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every other thursday from june 4th :!:

Superfreq returns to Ibiza for the summer of 2009 moving into new club, BoHo in San Antoni. BoHo was formally known as Exstasis & was actually the first club that I played in Ibiza in 1987. I’ll be the resident every fortnight & it’s basically the Superfreq crew that will be my guest DJ’s & Joining me each party. For the opening party I’ll be joined by Dollz At Play & Ryan O’Connor & we can’t wait to take Superfreq back to Ibiza, it’s spiritual home! Wohhooooooooo! :)

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change of plans: now every thursday from june 11th :!::!:

Superfreq will now be weekly in Ibiza this season every Thursday from June 11th through October 1st. For the opening party we have Mr.C, Bushwacka! & Dollz At Play for for sure it's going to be wicked.

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On Thursdays, Mr C brings the only party that looks like a model and rocks like a b*stard – Superfreq to BoHo. Celebrating life to a soundtrack of cutting-edge yet fun electronic dance music with Mr C, Bushwacka and Dollz At Play at the grand launch party on June 11th.
bear with me - gleaning this from myspace

June 11
Mr. C / Dollz At Play / Ryan O'Connor

June 18
Clive Henry / Luciano Esse / Ryan O'Connor

June 25
Mr. C / Luke vB / David Sanchez

July 2
Lee Burridge / Dollz At Play / Ryan O'Connor

July 9
Jamie Jones / Luke vB / Pilas

July 16
Mr. C / Adultnapper / Ryan O'Connor

July 23
Rui Da Silva / Dollz At Play / David Sanchez

July 30
Mr. C / Lo / John Osborne Hughes

August 6
Bushwacka! / Luciano Esse / Ryan O'Connor

August 13
Mr. C / Dollz At Play / Ryan O'Connor
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Just borrowed this from a Mr C post on another Forum

As you may or may not have heard, Superfreq's new Ibiza home for the summer is BoHo which is situated 100 meters away from the egg in San Antonio on the Ibiza road.

BoHo opened last Saturday & the Ibiza faithful are already singing its praises.

The Opening of Superfreq is next week, Thursday 11th June.

We hope that you can make it to 1 of these events?
Entrance is normally €20 & drinks are all below €10 so as you can see, BoHo are not tearing the arse out of it.
If any of you are going to Ibiza & would like to attend, PM me & you & your friends can all go on the €5 list.

Here's the line-ups for the entire summer:

June 11: Mr.C / Bushwacka! / Dollz At Play

June 18: Clive Henry / Luciano Esse / Ryan O'Connor

June 25: Mr.C / Luke vB / David Sanchez

July 2: Lee Burridge / Dollz At Play / Ryan O'connor

July 9: Jamie Jones / Luke vB / Pilas

July 16: Sycophant Slags / Ryan O'Connor

July 23: Rui DeSilva / Dollz At Play / David Sanchez

July 30: Mr.C / Lo / John Osborne Hughes

Aug 6: Bushwacka! / Iain Taylor / Ryan O'Connor

Aug 13: Mr.C / Dollz At Play / David Sanchez

Aug 20: Valentino Kanzyani / Luke vB / Justin Tiempo

Aug 27: Mr.C / Tim Sheridan B2B

Sep 3: Craig Richards / Dollz At Play / Ryan O'Connor

Sep 10: Mr.C / Luciano Esse / David Sanchez

Sep 17: Layo / Dollz At Play / Pilas

Sep 24: Bill Patrick / Luke vB / Ryan O'Connor

Oct 1: Mr.C / Bushwacka! / Dollz At Play

For more info go to which will be live from Monday.

Superfreq at BoHo will sadly be cancelled from this week onwards so no Superfreq at BoHo anymore! This has been due to lack of numbers. We tried to bring decent music to San Antonio but all of our efforts have failed resulting in us having to leave the venue.
However, we won't give up on the Ibiza freq's & are currently looking at different options with a view to possibly continue on a more underground level on a wednesday. We'll keep you updated as things happen.
What a shame,this and the Martina change around !!
Anyone hear anything about the guru at le masque ?

looks like jordan's disciples rule the roost $$$
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My GF and I are pretty miffed about this!

I'm sure that Jordan's antics can't have helped. The images of her prancing around that were displayed nearly put me off going to the place!:x
Terrible news! I was looking forward to that night!!! :evil:

What are Boho going to replace these nights with?
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im gutted was looking forward to watching craig richards, lets hope it gets moved to underground, watching richards there would be even better! fingers crossed ehh?
This is from the Horses mouth so to speak:

We've also tried our hardest to make Superfreq work at BoHo, Ibiza but again we have the same problem, low numbers, even though the parties have been good. It seems that going up against Monza that is well established was a bad move as the music is of a similar genre but with bigger names, so none of the island (un)faithful have ventured down to party with us. Also, all of the workers who would normally come to Superfreq in ibiza on Wednesdays all go to Cream on Thursdays as Cream give them all freebe's so they all go to hang out with there mates, understandably. We took a risk, it didn't work! Such is life, we move onwards & upwards positively!
So, Superfreq at BoHo is no more as it's not good for either Superfreq or BoHo to be putting on events that are not rocking the way they should be.
However, as mentioned, the Universe does move in mysterious ways, we're not going to give up that easily & we are looking for somewhere to continue doing smaller Superfreq parties on Wednesdays which is the normal Superfreq day in Ibiza. Please wish us luck?

Sorry to those of you that were looking forward to coming to Superfreq at BoHo, but we will endeavor to bring Superfreq back somewhere.
Those that made it down, thank you very much indeed for your support, it has been greatly appreciated.

As soon as we know what the next move will be, you lot will be the 1st to know.
me and a mate if mine were there last thursday for mr c, adultnapper and dollz at play. it was very, very quiet im sad to say, even though the music was great!