Sunset Strip

go past the sun set strip

if you going that way you have got to go a little further and check out the coastline cafe,

nothing better than watching the sun with water fountians going off.

check otu savanha or coastline for soem of the best food on the island...enjoy
Or alternatively go the other way and watch the sunset at Kuhmaras............imo best chill-out sunset bar on the island.
You know what though, as overrated as it sounds (maybe not?).. You still can't go wrong with Cafe Del Mar.. have to say though.. My friends and I sat around for an HOUR @ Savannah waiting for a waiter and we got nothing, we even went to the bar and asked and they said they'd be with us and werent! We got so fed up we went to Sugar sea (was it? the one with the big red lips) hrmm across and ate there with pretty good service there.
MarkEg, Thanks! i'm a photo nut, those were all film pics too.. had to scan them all one by one!! Now i've got a digital cam which means i'm gonna be even more annoying!
Yeah, I'm gonna have to invest in a digital camera myself one of these days - I'd like to my pics on the net but cant be arsed scanning them all...
Yeah, but the pix mean a lot when you are only 12 days away from flying out there for the first time!!!

the pics are nutthin´like the real deal

I completely agree, but hey when you'r not there, what else do you have but memories and pics.. and when someone hasnt been there yet, all they have is the pics.
SeriousDanger said:
I completely agree, but hey when you'r not there, what else do you have but memories and pics..

Look at it this way, you could hit on hard times one day and all you will have is your memories, I hope they dont fade too fast because us who took the right pictures will remember it forever!
in the book "the beach" richard says that he never takes pictures ,becuz all he will ever remember from the trips he took would be what he managed to get on film...anything else would become a blur..Im not really 100 % sure about that but sometimes memories - or the things, smells - that bring back memories are far better than what any pic can manage to grasp in that instant second you push the botton....
When i take a picture its never just about clicking the button. I like to capture the mood or the essence of life at that moment. It means more to me that way. It simply accomplished by waiting a few more seconds, or tilting the camera, or blurring the picture, shooting black/white or just random action. Thats what triggers my memory, what enables me to feel what i felt at that moment in time. Photography is all in the eye of the beholder and it can be such a dramatic form of art. 8)