summer quiz # 2


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where are we now :?:


i have almost exactly the same picture, was gonna put it in icey "weird ibiza cars thread".....

let's see who else knows where it is??
i was planning to start another summer quiz but after the lack of interest for this one there will be no # 3 :!:

icey wins for his cool pix.....

No Plans

The abandoned structure which has littered the landscape in Cala d'en Serra
for the last 30 years is to remain a while longer,

according to the Town Hall.

The project, which began in 1970,
was headed by the illustrious architect, Josep Lluis Sert.
He planned to build a luxurious five-star complex containing 350 apartments.
However, the project was soon stopped as the apartments did not meet
the tourist legislation at the time.

The land has since become a protected area with all sides agreeing i
t would be impossible to finish the original plans.

What to do with the half-finished structure remains a problem.

The Town Hall of San Juan wanted to turn the building
into a Thalassotherapy centre.

The mayor, Antoni Mari Mari, continues to deny the illegality of the building
and claims demolishing it would prove too costly.
He added that although the work was started under a previous administration,
he presumed it had all the permits necessary and so the owners
would have to be compensated somehow.


The Island Council has already admitted it would prefer to see the building
demolished and the area restored to its original state,
but acknowledge permission would have to be given by,
and compensation to, the owners.

So while the arguing is set to continue in the short term,
it seems the building will remain where it is.

owing to "unfortunate circumstances" i landed on a dirty+rotten+very filthy

obviously there was a porn-shooting in the building this thread is about -
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