Summer 2020...where to go? PDB or SAN ANT?Ibz town?

Nobbie Q

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while some monobrow dirt bird goes through your pockets... lol

Lol, tbf the beach is usually pretty sparse around that time and there aren't theives there. There's groups of ppl sitting on the ledges listening to music and chilling. Ive done it a few times, I only did it maybe twice in my PDB portion of my trip. Wish I did it more, you can see the sun rise and it's peaceful after all the pounding beats.

You also see ppl jogging around there too, getting their morning workout in while us degenes are riding out our buzz lol. Man I really miss that feeling of seeing the sun and hearing the waves lap up on the shore... :(


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I'm having second thoughts about travelling at all this year actually. I talked about it with my gf, and she said we should probably wait and meet up once given the all clear. But the consular folks at the embassy were cheerful and said that more travel options will soon be available; possibly in August.

I really don't need to get sick though.