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Discussion in 'International parties and clubs' started by Springal, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. Springal

    Springal Active Member

    Eek that does not look good, especially with the amount of investment they've literally just made into the venue.

    Sven for Cocoon there in October was looking tempting too
  2. AndyFul

    AndyFul Member

    Worrying, just popped up to the top floor of the building I'm in in the centre of town and can still see smoke coming from it. Lighter coloured now though so reckon the firefighters are getting it under control (or they've decided on a new Pope).
  3. kimajy

    kimajy Well-Known Member

  4. TimmiT

    TimmiT Member

    ...apparently the firefighters are still negotiating with the bouncers to be let in.

    ^I should add that when I went to the Clockwork Orange party there the door staff were very courteous.
  5. Kent Kid

    Kent Kid Active Member

    ^I should add that when I went to the Clockwork Orange party there the door staff were very courteous.[/QUOTE]
    If you start treating 30-40 plus year olds badly .....things won't end well

    Disappointed was going to Space there on Sat for the beach, so much investment gone up in smoke, air abulance took away one casualty - hope they are ok
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  6. BeachCava

    BeachCava Member

    Shit, the whole club room looks absolutely ruined... All events off for the foreseeable I reckon.

    There's a Solomun / Adriatique night coming up in September I was looking at and the Sven Vath Cocoon night in October was also an option... glad I didn't buy any tickets now I would be gutted!

    It's just a relief this took place on a Monday during the day, and not on a Friday or Saturday night...
  7. Springal

    Springal Active Member

    The recent photo of it shows it is completely gutted in the terrace. Only 1-2 weeks after the terrace was re-opened wasn't it ?
  8. kimajy

    kimajy Well-Known Member


    Lad who suffered burns has sadly died of his injuries. Tragic day.

    RIP Tomas

    "Dan Perrin
    1 min · London ·

    Poor Tomas. Its just so unfair, i dont know what to do. Such a beautiful young soul with so much ahead of him

    RIP mate. You will never be forgotten"
  9. MiniMarc

    MiniMarc Well-Known Member

    Terrible in any circumstance but by all accounts he was a real gem. very sad
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  10. BeachCava

    BeachCava Member

  11. Ferd

    Ferd Active Member

    What did he did at the club? Seen a few Facebook posts on him :(
  12. Springal

    Springal Active Member

    The owner and his family lived there I believe... Think Tomas also lived there and was a worker there
  13. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    Moved to the Coronet.

    Steve Lawler talks Studio 338:
  14. Springal

    Springal Active Member

    Anyone been since it has re-opened? Tempted by the All About The Music Day/Night thing as will satisfy most of our group.

    Photos of it look good
  15. Bonzo

    Bonzo Guest

    Went for the Abode Boxing Day Charity event and, while we didn't rate the music, the venue looked like it had a lot of potential. Security was very intimate though. Not often I get my nuts felt!
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  16. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    Going weekly from now on, yeah?
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  17. perrylgooner

    perrylgooner Active Member

    Fast becoming the norm at London venues from my experience. Printworks, Fabric etc
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  18. Springal

    Springal Active Member

    Always surprised by the problems Fabric had. I don't think generally I'm a dodgy looking fella, but on the few times I had been to Fabric I was always subjected to a very thorough search!
  19. Bonzo

    Bonzo Guest

    Don't tell the missus! ;)
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  20. Bonzo

    Bonzo Guest

    Oh really, I don't go clubbing much nowadays. So is this just for appearances or are they looking for something other than drugs? (that's not a concealed weapon, I'm just pleased to see you :lol::lol:). It's not like they make you take off your shoes like they did back in the day.......
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