Stu Hirst October Mix CD 2003

Stu Hirst

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Anyone who wants this, please PM me your name and address, they'll be sent out next week. (UK only unfortunately)

Stu Hirst
Space Closing Party DJ 2003
Harlem Records

1. Mylo - Paris Four Hundred
2. Wackside - Le Freak
3. Richenel - Dance Around The World
4. Saffron Hill - My Love Is Always (David Guetta Mix)
5. Seelenluft - Manilla (Cicada Mix)
6. Lee Cabrera - Special
7. Zoot Woman - Grey Day (Paper Faces Mix)
8. Orielle - All I Know (4Tune 500 Mix)
9. Kosheen - Wasting My Time (West London Deep Mix)
10. Chable & Bonnici - Ride
11. Lustral - Everytime (Nalin & Kane Mix)
alright mate, got ur other cd- pretty class. Gonna have to get this cd if its like the other1. usual adress Stu :)

kazza said:
he lives in belgium and stu said uk only :( :(

It's purely from a postage point of view unfortunately, it would cost a small fortune to send mixes around europe - I usually send out about 60-70 in the UK as it is.

I will try and get someone to host it for me so it can be downloaded, or possibly make it available via Soulseek etc.

Where'd you get that Chable & Bonnici tune from?

I know some ppl that are lookin for it :)
Stu Hirst said:
It's a big record.

Aye I've heard that, don't expect it'll be my thing thing though.

Any info on a release then, saying as you Space DJs are important enough to get CDRs? ;)