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Boyzone star Gately dies in Majorca
(UKPA) – 1 hour ago

Boyzone singer Stephen Gately has died at the age of just 33, a message on the band's tour website said.
The Irish pop star and actor was on holiday with his long-term partner in Majorca when he "tragically died" on Saturday, according to the website.
It also said the four remaining members of the band would be flying out to the Spanish island.
Is it inappropriate for me to begin stereotyping at this point?

He's gay, he's on holiday, it's a Saturday night, no explanation as to the cause of the 'sudden' death.


If so, how many more people? :eek:

If not, then shoot me down. :oops:
omg the jokes already that is pretty mean guys.. especially Robder, stereotyping of gays will not be tolerated in this forum :!: :D

anyway hope this doesn't f up Xfactor for tonight or I'm gonna be well p******d
I heard a gay guy from Boyzone died last night.

I had to buy a newspaper to find out which one it was..
Steven Gately was found dead this morning with chocolate on his arse.

Police think it was George Michael with a careless Wispa.