Siesta Palmyra appts

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Left my mates in charge of booking next years accommodation and they came up with this place.....anybody stayed there? Would appreciate any feedback good or bad, it may decide whether I have to open a can of whup ass on someone or not! Just hoping it isn't a hovel really.
Do you mean Fiesta Palmyra appartments??? The ones in San Antonio Bay, if so I've stayed at the Fiesta Palmyra hotel next door (they share same facilities etc) 3 x. The hotel is ok, one of the nicer hotels in San An (tho that doesn't count for much!) but I've never been inside the appartments. Location wise they are pretty good, you are far enough away from the West End but can you easy walk to Mambos, Coastline etc. And the other way you can walk to Kuhnmaras for a proper Ibizan sunset.

If you don't mean the Fiesta Palmyra appts and you mean Siesta appts then I've never heard of them so I'll shut up :p
Thanks Barbie, I've just administered a verbal slapping to my mate. I even spelt it out to him last night. Yeah, that'll be the ones. Location wise I can't argue because I loved Mambo et al. That was the biggest bind of the last jaunt, I needed a packed lunch, sheperds, wise-men and a star to get myself there!! Personally, i would have preferred to stay on the other side of the isle but that's what you get for being a lazy arse, so I can't complain.

Kuhnmaras? What's that then? Can you get rid of it with cream?
The Fiesta Palymra appts are just down from Bar M towards the Bay, if you walk round the coast past where the old Pacha Playa bar was and keep walking you come to this fab chillout bar Kuhmaras where you can watch the sunset. You get lots of locals and hippies there and I much prefer to watch the sunset round there than Mambos cos you don't get any dicks there.

Be warned tho, if you order a drink at the bar, you'll get it about 1/2 an hour later, I think all the staff are permanently stoned! In fact I ordered some crepes there last June and I still haven't got them :p
I think I know the one, just on the bend past KFC? As for the crepes Barbs......they could be stuck in the Christmas post. Everything else seems to be!!
hi i stayed at the fiesta palmyra apartments in august, they were really nice. i went with 9 of my friends and because we got them 4 quite cheap we were expecting them 2 b a dump, but they werent! the only thing is there is someone in reception 24 hours so its a bit dodgy taking people back. they are also in a really good location id go back in a minute! :p :p
bloody hell linzo, i think you better change your colour of writing, my eyes are caning hehehehe!!!!
Cheers Linzo, you have put my mind at rest. Not heard many reports about these appartments. There's 6 of us initially going and there may be a few coming over for the weekend in between our stay...sounds like we are going to have to organise some kind of stealth mission to smuggle them in I guess. Balaclavas or palm tree disguise kits all around!! :lol: Can you remember what amenities they have? The appartments we stayed in last year had a spot on bar come cafe, where the food was acceptable, so it would be good to have something of the same.

Must have made a good impression though......gravy!
They sound like they're in a perfect location, I'm going back to the bay this year and may have to look into this one.
Last year, I too needed hiking boots, map and compass for my walk to Bar M.
Ah, Hooky, sounds like you had the same problem as moi........used to have a shower, have a few liveners, attempt to get a taxi and then resort to speed walking to the other side of the the time we got there I'd need another effing shower! Walking is for mugs.....I like to travel in style :lol:
The water taxi was good, but I had a good 10 min walk to even get to that, and if you had just missed it-half an hour wait for the next so we walked anyway which seemed to happen quite a lot and was the cause of a few arguments.
"Can you tell me why it takes a lad so long to do his hair" she said
"Are you joking, you started getting ready 3 hrs ago and you look exactly the same now, as you did 2hrs ago" I said
"You ba***rd, I'm not talking to you all night"
"So your saying I'll be able to get a word in for once?"
"F**k off"
I stayed at the Palmyra Hotel the last two years. Very well located and an excellent base for your holidays. The apartments were next door.
these apartments (and hotel) are currently being renovated and are a total shell. whatever anybody tells you from experience, it will undoubtedly change.
Stephen, cheers bud for ruining my day!! A shell? They'd better have finished by August or I'll not be a happy bunny, I can promise that. Should I bring my tent just in case????
Hey Dr Fox :D

I was there in August with Linzo, it was really good, and the apartments were really nice too, am sure if the apts are gettin renovated then they'll be much nicer, cos they were lovely and the pool was a good size too, when me and Linzo r workin over there, we'll B hoping that we'll be able to just walk in and use the pool, so we mite bump into each other Dr Fox

Am sure you'll love it ;)

Tinksx :lol:
Nice oneTinks! No doubt we will indeed cross paths. So you are definitely working there? Forgive me for being lazy arse and not looking over your recent posts but have you and Linzo sorted out some work before you get there? Around April I seem to recall....

As for the appartments, it's good to hear that they have a good reputation. Can't wait now, been listening to Beach House to get me in the mood...luvin' it!
Hey Foxy,

Me and the wee Linzo are of to the magical island on 4th may , we have 2weeks accomm already bkd , and then we're on our own, so as soon as we're over there we're gonna have to look for accomm and jobs :confused: :confused: but am sure we'll manage....

Tinksx :lol:
Not long to go then! :D I've got the upmost respect and admiration for anybody who takes the plunge and sets up sticks in another country. You have to have balls (metaphorically speaking of course) the size of King Kong's to do something like that. Considered it myself a few years ago but due to circumstance i went off the idea....have to make-do with holidays for now.
Well Foxy u will still have a great time :lol: ,

all us workers will be skinto, prob fed up , but at least we'll be tanned a bit (hopefully) :confused: :?:

tinksx :lol: