Shadows 2019


This being a free event, what's one to expect to get in?

Will it be something like a 3 hour line or do you reckon it'll be pretty freeflow?

I'll be there for one of the Solomun dates so I imagine it will be one of the busier nights. Would love to be able to head there after Ushuaia but not sure if I should count on it.


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This one is difficult to judge since new venue and now day into night thing ... Last year at Blue Marlin (much smaller venue I believe) it was easy enough to get into if heading in early plus like Cova Santa it is way off the beaten track so doesn't attract passing trade ... Not sure what is on at Ushuaia but i would ditch it and head to Shadows early for the Solomun siblings 12 hour marathon !

(hi from the reddit guy that helped get you signed up here btw)


thanks for the reply and for helping me get here!

its SHM @ Ushuaia and as much as im looking forward to it I'd prob be down to leave early but idk about my girl. we'll see how it goes : )