Set times - post here anything you've seen


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Hope such thread does not yet exist.
Would be good to know the set times of the parties before you get there (although I understand that it is not always in the club's interest) Let's help each other plan their day&nites by posting here what we see on web, forums or even in the club once you get there. Will be there from 20-25th July and interested to see times for Ants, Toolroom, Circoloco, Bodyworks & Hi on 25th) cheers


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Generally you only see set times within a day or so of a party.

That said Bodyworks generally follows a formula that will make it easy to guess. Ants probably too


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Black Coffee
there is a Parisian DJ on line up,never saw him in real as he played in posh very selected clubs in Paris ,place where I have 99,999% to be turned back (im not enough Vip ), but if in ibz, I could blag a free Glist ?


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sossa, Apollonia Martinez bro in the garden , quiet classic :(

last summer , i've been to 2 circoloco with djs i were willing to see, didnt show up
Kerri chandler playing in the garden:i don't really remind
The black Madonna
Honey Dijon

at least if they warn people b4 6pm i won't go & save 100€, but not warning people is not kind.