1. Jumpo

    Set times 2019 - post here anything you've seen

    Hope such thread does not yet exist. Would be good to know the set times of the parties before you get there (although I understand that it is not always in the club's interest) Let's help each other plan their day&nites by posting here what we see on web, forums or even in the club once you...
  2. Nobbie Q

    Path to Light Mix (Techno) Here's a new mix I did, used a couple of tracks from the Best of 2016 thread. Very techno'ish but not that fast Berghain type of sound, it's the slower type. Tried to mix in some movie samples too, see if you know from where they're taken! Any...
  3. Fantaface

    Any open deck days/nights anywhere?

    Hi Everyone, Are there any open deck days or nights on the island at all? I'm coming over on the 2nd of May till the 6th and would love to jump behind the decks for a bit at some point if I could. I mainly play Bass House & UK Garage, but can take it more towards House. Any ideas where I'd have...