sasha at pacha


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what a great night!

after celebrating his birthday in underground the night before, we expected sasha to be a bit the worse for wear, but no way - he rocked it!

he came on at 3 and played til 5 when pete tong took over (what a brave man) and then sasha finished off the night with a back to back bit of fun with pete tong. the atmosphere was great, lots of hands in the air, and sasha played some very typical sasha-like music - quite a bit harder than the usual pacha style ;-) and loads of breakbeat.

we actually bumped into him afterwards just outside the toilets, and by this time he did look a bit the worse for wear, but luckily he had a good friend on hand to help him back to the decks to finish off the night ;-)

funky room rocked! we spent the last couple of hours mostly in there - matt caselli who is resident was on top form - really great vibe.

shame sasha didn't play more, because the crowd was gagging for it - pete tong came on and the dance floor cleared - nothing to do with pete tong, who played well, but just everyone had come for sasha (like i say, brave man ;-)

i know quite a few people from the forums were there, hope they had a great night too!
james said:
funky room rocked! we spent the last couple of hours mostly in there - matt caselli who is resident was on top form - really great vibe.
Glad to hear that, will let him know you gave him a good shout ;)
Sasha was great, I agree!!!

But Tong really didnt do anything for me, he rocked the place to begin with but after the great Yeke Yeke he just killed the atmosphere in the main room for me and my friend, so we left.

That was our last night out in Ibiza, i'm now at home wishing I had got 1hr processing on my photos... :cry:
I was there and it was great, but sooooooooooo rammed and soooooooooooo hot, but then you wouldn´t expect anything else when Sasha is playing.

When he played Yeke Yeke my boyfriend and I thought our heads were going to explode :eek:

Excellent night had by all
Sasha was great! Unfortunately, this was my last day in Ibiza so I was very tired and stayed sober and only stayed for maybe 2 1/5 hours :( In any case, I thought the music was perfect for Pacha (it was my first time there), I pretty much found a perch on the balcony above the DJ booth and watched him spin. I wish I could've gone seriously partying that night, but alas, I had to catch a plane early. My friends tore it up and said he played "Seven Nation Army"--everyone went crazy!
Seems like everyone is getting in on the 2 Many DJs act, mixing in Seven Nation Army, Smells Like Teen Spirit etc to wild effect! Already spotted - Sasha, Steve Lawler! Any other sightings?
JAmes, not be a pedantic twat, but Sasha played from around 2:15 or 2: 20 to 5, and the dancefloor certainly didn't clear for Pete Tong. At least two thirds remained till the end. By the way I thought Tongy played the best set I heard him play.
I was there too, but despite I don't like much Pacha's atmosphere, I must admit Sasha made me go mental. I did like his sound, specially the first songs he played.

We got out before Pete Tong played. Pacha was tremendously packed and was too hot.

By the way, could any1 tell me the name of that ultra-electronic techno song he played by the beginning?
It was a cd he was mixing that song from, so I couldn't see the name of it.
He was pretty much mixing only cd's in the time I was watching....
Could it be the immense new Luke Chable track "Ride?" It sounds just a bit like Cosmos "Take Me With You." I think this was his fourth or fifth track
Could be. I'll have to check both of those out. Did anyone notice the kind
fat guy who spun before Sasha--he mixed three songs in and out of that "Plastic Dream" sequence....
what a night!!! it was our last night in ibiza too and who better to bid us farewell than sasha himself :)

we had the pleasure of bumping into him on our way through the doors and had some happy snaps taken with him for our photo album...

its funny that you guys should mention the "YEKE YEKE" song... we went absolutely nuts when we heard it.. at space on sunday and then again on friday night...

does anyone remember who the orginal artist of that track is??? i'd really like to find that mix and am finding it quite difficult so far as i dont know who the artist is... i would appreciate your help!!
Bambi, it was our last night in Ibiza too. It is Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke and the mix Sasha played on Fri/Sat was the Hardfloor Mix.
i was there too and thought sasha was incredible - the best i have ever heard him play, was the last nite of my holiday so sure finished it off in style, stayed right to the very end of the nite and still didn't want to leave come 7.30am when all the lights went on!!!!

went back to the aparts to pack my suitcase and got picked up to go to the airport at 11am :eek:
dj biff has just informed me that his fellow dj friend sasha has been thrown out of the villa he was staying in because him and his friends had trashed it!! :eek:

more gossip soon!! ;)