Sasha apologies for missing the We Love... opening @ Space



Hi.. I just wanted to write a message to everyone to say how sorry I am about missing my set at Space Ibiza on Sunday, and explain what happened.

Space was the last of my 3 gigs for the weekend, so the plan was to head back to the hotel after I played Fabric, sleep for a while, and then set-off for Ibiza around 1.30pm.

Unfortunately the previous 2 night gigs really took it out of me (Sankeys finished at 6am, and Fabric at 8am) and despite numerous attempts to wake me, I slept through all the calls and didn't wake up until 4pm.

Normally I’d still have plenty of time to re-schedule my flights and get to the gig, but when we tried on Sunday I was told that there were no more flights out of the UK that day.

Obviously we're making every attempt to re-schedule the date and will keep you posted on this.

I’m genuinely sorry to have let people down, and especially to everyone who made the trip out to Ibiza specially to hear me play.


*** Sasha in sleep in shock ***

:D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol:
What an arse, he couldnt be bothered to get up :rolleyes:

Thats not an apology, thats a feck you fans i dont give a toss about you.
it aint really much good to the people who there if he re-schedules, as whats the chance of all those people, many of whom went espically to see him play, actually being at the next gig!

Sorry Sasha, but thats no good!

Dont give me all that shite about sleeping through, if you cant do 2 days work on the weekend, get a proper job! :lol:
Well come all to kiesgrube in westgermany near dusseldorf on 3rd August..
an open air party at a nice lake, happy people, pure ibiza style..

Sasha will play , 11 Euro entrance....iam not kidding.

check homepage:

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Him missing his set worked well for David Phillips who covered some of his time, and as I have read he done him Justice ;)
big deal he is over rated anyway!

make way for some new blood i say....
OK, so he missed his scheduled flight.......... but 'superstar' djs have superstar bank balances and private jets are readily available. ;)
he'd better bloody turn up for pacha, on 5th sept i think it is :?: not seen sasha for ages! i bet everyone who was at space that day was gutted!, i would have been!

at least he had the decancy to appologise, alot of dj's woulnt have even done that.

lou xx
macdonsj said:
true - many wouldn't have apologised or explained.

people are being a bit harsh on Mr Coe

too right they are!, if you over sleep you over sleep!, wev all done that at one time or another. And the way the man like, party's its no wonder he was nackerd! :lol:

but he better not have any bloody excuses when hes suppost to be playing when i go, otherwise there will be harshness! :lol:
Another thing - In a recent interview Sasha said that he never gets on a plane until he is personally called, as in last call, get your ars3 to the gate or we're going without you.

No wonder he misses so many flights. Especially if he's ina silent terminal where they dont do calls over the tannoy :rolleyes:
8) that´s why people like carl cox (doing one last year cheapest shows or danny T for doing 10+ hours are really the best, they do NOT play around with the people that got them where they are, Us the fans!!!............... Grow Up Mr. Sasha!!!.....
That is 3rd time I have been at Space and Sasha has done no-show, it doesn't bother me one bit cos I find him zzzzzzzzzzzz but we were speaking to a couple who had come all the way from Los Angeles for a wk specifically for Opening of We Love Sundays and the main DJ the girl had come to see was Sasha.............I would have been :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
would have been absolutely gutted too!!

sasha has been taking mickey for several years now. last time i saw him smile whilst djing was 4 years ago. i went up and shook his a diggers' hands 3 years ago in true star-struck groupie fashion and got a lovely smile and a thanks from diggers and a moody grimace from sasha - the type of expression i use for looky looky men ;-)

last year when he came on to play after james zabiela was histerical. zabiela was really funking - loads of acid house, breaks and space was really going for it, then sasha came up to him and gestured at the console, judging from the way his arms were moving and the expression on his face, me and my mate could have sworn the conversation went something like this

"eh james hiya, what you up to?"
"i'm mixing sasha"
"aaah. so tell me what's this knob do?"
"it's the volume"
"aaah what about this bit over here?...."

after that he stalked off, only to turn around, come back and whisper something in zabiela's ear, after which james zabiela dropped the tempo right down and started playing cr*p. we reckoned sasha probably told him to "start playing crap they're here to see me not you"..

no repect for the fans! - i mean if he doesn't enjoy it anymore - shouldn't bother doing it!

give me erick m, carl cox, sven vaeth or anyone else who looks like they are giving 100% every time they play!

(shame really as he has a rare talent as a dj / producer)
Hehe, I remember reading an interview with Taylor a trance dj from LA. He says that when he opened for Sasha, Sasha came over to him during his set and asked him "what are you doing?" because Taylor was apparently playing a set that was too hard. It sounds like the exact same thing that happened with Zabiela last year. I must say that Sasha's set last year @ the openings was rather good although he sounds like a complete @SS.