San jose



This year me and my mate's decided to try something a little bit different. So instead of staying in an apartment in one of the main resorts, we booked a villa in San jose.
Anyone know anything about the town? Of all the years I've been going to ibiza I've never been to San jose. Should be a nice retreat when we need to recharge the ole batteries (for about 10 mins :rolleyes: :rolleyes: )
i know that it's my favourite.

there are some great bars and restaurants in the centre and the outskirts.

and there's a lovely bathroom shop, a weird art gallery, a florist, some lovely pottery shops and a couple of good bakeries for your early afternoon baguettes.

it's also a degree or two cooler at night becasue it's quite high up.

there's even a page on this very website about it.......

I've booked a villa there too! Hopefully will be able to get taxis to all the night life.


Any particular recommendations on the best nearest beach/restaurant/supermarket?



radio taxi san jose 971 398 483

as for bars/restaurants/supermarket. the nearest will depend on where you are in san jose. is it in the village itself, or miles away in the country.
don't forget that san jose stretches from san antonio bay to playa den bossa!
stephen said:
don't forget that san jose stretches from san antonio bay to playa den bossa!

exactly!! ;)

san josé is the biggest municipio of ibiza (including the villages of san agustín, san josé, es cubells, san francisco and san jorge) and goes from the bar restaurant sa flama (near the windmill in san antonio) to where the club pin-up is. most of the best beaches in ibiza are there: cala bassa, cala conta, cala tarida, cala vadella, cala d'hort, cala jondal, es bol nou, ses salines, playa d'en bossa, etc. the best sunset bar is there: kumharas. the most famous afterhours in the world is there: space. and yes - san josé is my favourite part of ibiza!! 8)

i think i'm right in saying that most of the spotlight team live in san jose as well as our unofficial photographer DCI mcrackin and our favourite 'dj' lives in cala de bou doesn't he?

Well it looks like I got lucky in choosing San Jose (San Josep?). I didn't appreciate it was so spread out though. According to the info on villa its just outside town on the Campo and has 'Sa Talaia' behind it and has views of the sea.

It seems it is the perfect base to venture out and explore the island by day and night.

Roll on July!

bb as you're close to the centre of the village you'll be spoiled for choice of very good bars and restaurants. you can't miss them all. do try to have a look at neighbouring san agustin village with its church bar and restaurant can berri vell. it's beautiful
and try and find the disued 'festival' hidden in the hills. we stumbled upon it during a long walk last year.
el destino, a tapas restaruant in San Jose is highly recommended. Aparently Biff hangs out there sometimes :eek:
rustywoo said:
el destino, a tapas restaruant in San Jose is highly recommended

yes!! :D


rustywoo said:
Aparently Biff hangs out there sometimes

thats true. he can also be found very often (when he isnt in cala yogi playing his bongos) in our favourite bar: racó verd - in front of the san josé church!! ;)


i like that one. it´s where i go to wait for the wife to finish her bathroom shopping expeditions. the dog likes it too, the sax playing owner gives her biscuits!
its quite a coincidence as i was doing a crossword the other day, that featured a question about it lol.