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it's usually some guy in briefs followed by about 8 honeys - in the past they would all make a right din

this time only the FMIF lot showed anything approaching enthusiasm

the swag and rich bitch lot weren't even in single file and were just having a chat

the afterlife ones just handed out wristbands

they must all get paid peanuts these days


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Apart from Flower Power, those girls selling clothes on the beach put on a better parade than the club troupes these days.


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Buy mix cds to djs (than spreading money on booze)

i bought one 10€ to Franco Moiraghi Sa Trinxa that is nice with classic hits/anthem
I bought 2 mix cds to Rodspin 'he gave me 2 for free) & his usb key 50€ that really worth (his Jockey Club closing session 3hours is awesome)
i forgot to buy some to friend at Chiringay, he gave me for free his 2016 mix cd with 4 mix that are really good, they are like u and me, they need to live ...a way to support them for just 10€ ;)...


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What's the best way to get to Sa Trinxa from PDB? Taxi? Or is there a bus?
there is a bus yeah. takes you to salinas and then just walk along the beach until you get to sa trinxa.

taxi won't be very expensive neither from PdB.