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eg from woomoon at 4.00am ,some couple ask me, can u give us a ride to our home , we cant find taxis

hum, ...where do u leave?

cala vadella
sorry i can't it's too dangerous to drive at night there..

they keep on insisting, we got kids waiting for us please..after 10mn i accepted the deal without knowing how many money they will gave to me..

20€ but i wont do it again as driving at night after a party is really a pain with all this curves and a lack of sleep..
so did i break the law? or i did favor to an old couple with kids waiting for them?
soulmate told me u shouldnt gave them a ride for 20€, but i m not a heart of stone :p


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I'm a lot more careful these days, it only takes being in the wrong place at the wrong time and luck not to be on your side for things to get a whole lot messier than you expected and often with long lasting implications. But then my lifestyle is so "healthy" now ( lol ) I really don't have to worry about drink or drugs tests !

Fatigue and other road users is a different matter. There a huge % of people driving on drugs on the island. But you're right that driving home in the morning after a large one and a couple of days or more with no sleep is probably as dangerous as if you're just a bit twatted. The absolute worst roads to take on are the one to Cala San Vicente and also the windy road to Cala Llonga. Have done both of them on the floor with exhaustion on the point of passing out with fatigue, and genuinely thought the odds of getting to the end in one piece far too stacked against me to repeat.

He offers hierbas,ginger and maybe a Mex girl in the boot.. :) others rack up lines as soon as you get in...
In the "good old days" I used to always have drinks in the car, now that's strictly soft drinks. Looking back it was only ever Spoltighters who indulged in mini-binges on the back seat whilst we were speeding along the Ronda or sneaking through Sant Josep, waving spoons of coke (and E when the wrong bag gets opened :spank:) under their driver's nostrils !! Never random hitch-hikers, always on their best behaviour :D. All names suppressed to protect the innocent - you know who you are :twisted: :lol::lol::lol:.


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Ice water ice tea aquarius, fresh cofffe, hierbas

for the spotligh im mad about, he is the only exception
i put him on free gueslist to gliiterbox my first day then he ask can u put this boy too?:mad: its quiet hard/embarrassing to ask for me then +1 then +1:rolleyes:
i guess he was more willing to hang with other bloke and chasing girls, u dont need to spend money into clubs if the purpose is to pull :spank:
stick to bars :D
i gave him free ride to bmi,with delay of 1hr at his flat changing his mind but didnt warn me
can i invite this boy?:rolleyes:if it were girls but adding more boys i dont know in the car
guys having fun in the car, ask can i have some hierbas, sure but you should ask b4 as big 2.8l bottle was in toot,
while driving i ask guys can u watch after the road on the left and warn me when seeing tropicana billboard...we miss it, 8 miles added then miss it again on the return ..guys keep on chatting about their sexual adventures :D
focus on the road its not to much asking when giving free rides...
when landind to bmi they didnt join me on the dancefloor, they were hiiting girls on the beach and just text me for the return
Taxi guys!:D i told u i leave the place b4 11h30pm
ps:when a little sleep bt day, u struggle to drive but i can manaqge it but with some help from fresh minds, when u had 2h sleep max and peple make u 1h delay :twisted:its like half of my night i could sleep instead of picking u:lol:


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I can't believe you're not on amphetamines

like a famous character in french comic strip, Obelix, i don' t need as i was drown in it when little
Replace magic potion by Drugs.

don't need to name, if the guy was fair, i ll give him my music for free as ive done to soulmate but unfair, its gonna cost u a lot of money bro to have my music :D

one time i ask the fb/insta of 2 girsls
_no i can't :rolleyes:
its not ur wife :D & u did nothing with them :lol:..i didnt ask details to the girls as it was my 1rst day i met them, one leaving that day but she told me she knew Erick morillo, went to his private party and so on..
ok guys its gonna cost u a lot of money next rides to bmi :no more free rides and hierbas :lol: & don't stand anymore on me for a free guestlist :p, i can't do favors to people that can't even give u the fb pseudo of girls, something quiet public...

people are nice i'm nice with them, people are unfair, No Mercy , simple as that


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I thought the same last year at salinas. With the exception of flower power which the wife and kids and myself enjoyed and also briefly took part in.


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i noticed all the parades seemed really lacklustre this year, as though nobody could be arsed. anyone else pick up on that?
Really agree with that - I think it's been like that for a few years now - we used to enjoy sitting in Ibiza Town & watch them go by - but now the majority just slope along with nobody organizing or the people involved not getting into it.