Sa Trinxa

It was actually Gecko I was refering to, not you Ibiza Girlie.

I'm sure you're not a fan of fake boobies. :lol:
Just spotted an offer on - beach life vol2 and salinas sessions, both mixed by jon sa trinxa, for £20. Looks like a worthy investment! :D
hahaha ok thanks kittens head, you just made it sound like i was insinuationg something i wasnt hihihihihi!!! no me, not big on boobs no thanks!
Went to Las salinas last week
The bar Sa Trincha is a bit like Bora Bora as everyone nests around that area on there sun loungers while some sway to the music.
Was pretty Quiet while we were there but Jon was playing music there.
I must admit i spent most time sunbathing and swiming but sat under the shade for an hour or so listening to the music b4 we left.
:p john sa trinxa rocks............ spent a very nice day chilling on the beach last year..... looking forward to doing the same this year on the last week of june
Ibiza-girlie said:
how will i recognise him?????

its easy!! :D


kitten's head said:
I wouldn't get bored of hanging out by Salinas all day!
Plus he has loads of gorgeous, naked people to look at

true!! :eek:

Ibiza-girlie said:
silicon, niiice???!!!
i dont think so, not being judgemental here........but the real treats are the music and the look on people´s faces - the "Im-In-Ibiza-And-feel-great" look, its priceless-----
agry with u...have u go in sa trinxa between 10 and 12 am ? it's really wonderfull and peacefull 8)
Ibiza-girlie wrote:
uhh talking boobs, those ones are way to ehm...long! and stretchy!

:lol: :lol:

Saw the video on dancetrippin. Nice n' relaxed, will stop by this year 8)
how is it there this year in high season? Ive heard, that there are a lot of beer boys during high season and its far to busy......
I only know it from low season, then its beautiful....
vienna its calming down in the peak season as well, due to tourists chosing other destinations! warum doch, ich habe kein ahnung!