Sa Trinxa


cheryl pearson

Sa Trinxa is in Salinas beach.

this was taken from the site:

Las Salinas Beach

Named after the salt lakes in the south of Ibiza, the beach at Las Salinas is the southern most tip of the island. The very long, wide crescent of sandy beach is bordered by pines. Waters are crystal clear with super breakers that appear on windy days, perfect for body-surfing. Good for adventure walks as the surrounding terrain is Ibiza's Wildlife Conservation Area.

During the summer months, Las Salinas is the 'in' beach not only for the wealthy and the beautiful people, but also for the party scene. The bikini fashions tend to reveal more than they cover-up, and the sun-worshippers here are more than a match for the Baywatch beauties!


The rather exclusive bars play summer music throughout the day, and will serve you cocktails right to your sun bed, and the atmosphere and the beautiful beach more than make up for the generous prices. Towards the end of the bay, nudists, families, hippies and party kings and queens dance and chill-out to the groovy sounds all day long. Pure summer feeling....

its a very natural beach, its very chilled jon sa trinxa playing anything and everything you could possibnly imagine.

be warner the sunbeds price has gone this year...
see here:
he plays something like 10 hours a day he is old and plays in a beach hut he has grey hair plays really deep soulfull house he rocks
I wouldn't get bored of hanging out by Salinas all day! Plus he has loads of gorgeous, naked people to look at.
yeah...once again Ibiza girlie is tired and needs rest! it´s so hot in this studio and im exhausted! 10 not 20 sorry.......hihi
Ibiza-girlie said:
true, even though its a cool gig, its still routine once youve done it for a while!
nah picture the scenary the different tunage everyday i would'nt mine the job
Nice beach and a nice bar, went there last year. Lots of silicon which was nice. Worth a visit.
silicon, niiice???!!!
i dont think so, not being judgemental here........but the real treats are the music and the look on people´s faces - the "Im-In-Ibiza-And-feel-great" look, its priceless-----
You could tell the girls with fake tits a mile off as when they were laid down they didn't fall under their armpits. :lol:
didnt mean to say I liked silicone, even though it might read nice, i was saying "what you think silicon is nice???"....didnt seem that way though