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I'll probably be heading to Rome for a week in May. Any tips for things to do or where to stay would be appreciated... It's going to be a wandering/eating/sightseeing/cultural trip rather than a party one. :)


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If you're looking for a break from the standard Italian fare when it comes to food, check out the Jewish Quarter. I had some of my best meals there, and it's an interesting area to wander too.

Of the sights, I think I most enjoyed exploring Palatine Hill -- so many interesting ruins to explore, and not as mobbed as some other areas.

The Cololosseum and the road through the Roman Forum are a nice walk in the evening, as everything is lit up and again the crowds are much lighter than during the day.


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We paid for a city pass which we found really helpfully entry into loads of the attraction. skip the line for most as well. It also included unlimited use of public transport and lots of discount. If you do the Vatican I would recommend the climb up to the top of the dome not a fan of heights but it was well worth it. We also did a day trip to Pompeii and mount Vesuvius. Loved walking around in the evenings when it was a lot quite.


Got a week booked. Staying in Trastevere.

Dar Poeta does the best pizza in Rome in my opinion - go for the Dar Poeta class.

Hosteria Romana is still to this day our favourite restaurant in Rome. The Cacio e Pepe is one of the best in the city and the Carbonara is amazing. No tourists and it's always packed....very off the beaten track.


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Echo the post from earlier saying about climbing the rooftops in the Vatican - Absolutely stunning views from the top. We thought the museum was a bit rubbish and not worth the hassle, and the Sistine Chapel was just a crowded room full of Americans trying to obnoxiously take sly photographs and being shouted at.

We booked a tour of the Colliseum in advance to avoid the queues, also gave us access to the very top and the underground bunkers. Would thoroughly recommend it.

Thought the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps were a bit of a tourist trap - five minutes at most. We also paid to go to the top of the Piazza Venezia which again offered stunning views over the city.

Make time to head into the Pantheon - free to enter but queues do start to build.

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So Rome homework... Have ditched Duolingo Spanish lessons for Italian ones and watched Rome Unpacked on BBC iplayer. Going to give La Dolce Vita a go and see if I can dig out a Rome-set giallo. Maybe go through my Italian cookbooks and see if I can find a typical Roman recipe to cook.

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Wasn't that impressed. :eek: Pretty unkempt and lots of graffiti, and it's not like prices reflect this. Loads of nicer cities to visit IMO.