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Es Mirai, SA (Saturday) Stopped off for a pizza after la torre. First time in SA in a few years. Food was very good value for price 9€. Nice vibe. Mostly Sp/local clientele. Really liked the staff too. Was strange to be back in SA after so long. Habitual snobbery temporarliy suspended.

El Chiringuito, Es Cavallet (Sunday) The other end of the price scale. An extravagantly priced if not particularly special farmhouse chicken dish alone will set you back 34€. I guess you're paying for the location and reputation. We saw a PL footballer Eric Dier there and lots of people who may have been or assumed they were celebs. On the plus side the resident DJ S/A/M played some excellent music. The sea was as warm as I've ever known it and was nice to catch up with some old amigos. But very much a one-off. Parking anarchy outside and a few frayed nerves finding a space, but all part of the experience.


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This thread has got me booking a tapas place here in North London for later:p
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sooo @TiffyBennett1 what's your verdict on bambuddha then?

I actually thought it was really good (all in all)!

We booked a table for 6 and we got one of the lovely tables in the corners with the lazy Susan in the middle. Yes, ours was by the kitchen doors, but actually I didn’t notice *that* much (even though my background in F&B means I nit-pick -and watch everything)

We had a 7:45-10pm table, and service was quick and attentive (I guess because they had a 2nd sitting comi. Waiters were really friendly and didn’t bat an eyelid when we ordered a gazillion items off the menu.

everything came whenever it was ready, which was great, and even though the vast majority were absolutely delicious with no fault - a couple of dishes were under par.

i absolutely love crispy duck - but unfortunately it wasn’t quite as nice as we’d had before. The lobster dish was also over cooked. But, in comparison, the beef tacos were to-die-for and the cod and salmon were perfectly cooked.

There was also space for us to have a post-dinner cocktail in the bar and that was lovely because we felt a lot less rushed than we would have been otherwise.

im hoping Miso-hungry comes around towards the end of season because I WILL be back.


I've been going to Gala Night since I was a baby (weddings, baptisms, communions, concerts, you name it!) so I was well excited to be invited to the soft opening of 528 as the place has always being special to me. It's great that in these uncertain times there's people that has the guts to get into such a pharaonic project like this.

Located on the hills of Benimussa, the massive complex has been operating non-stop since 1976. No, it never was abandoned. And no, it never was a zoo (animals were one of the many attractions for tourists, who were brought in busses from all across the island). How much damage Mixmag and the likes have done. Certain promoters too.

Bartolo Escandell continues being the owner, now with leisure industry pioneer Andy McKay (Manumission/Ibiza Rocks/Pikes) as partner. The place is huge so the possibilities are infinite, even more so after next winter's refurbishments inside. The potential is endless and we'll be talking about their events calendar a lot in the coming years, you'll see.

The reason why we were there last night, the final dress rehearsal as Andy called it during his speech, was to sample the menu created by head chef Gonzalo Aragüez (Destino/Lio/Sa Brisa) and sous chef Massimiliano Bartelloni. They've taken over the area previously known as the sunset terrace. Sadly it was cloudy yesterday but most evenings you can enjoy the sunset from there, an extra bonus.

The gastronomic journey started before being seated at our table, as we went through various tables to try some tasty munchies while listening about their relationship with Ibiza and Formentera. A bit of history to start the evening, nice. Of all the food they brought to our table, the most suprising taste for me was the alioli with saffron; my favourite dish was the mackerel with Ibiza figs; and, me being a cheese lover, I can't not mention the mini pizza with goat cheese and truffle.

Obviously the show is a very important piece in this puzzle, it's a theatrical dining experience after all. The whole idea of capturing the essence of Ibiza and condense it into a dinner show might sound a bit pretentious but a show about the heritage of Ibiza with a modern touch will always have my thumps up.

Throughout the night we saw some amazing theatrical shows and a few cool singers, highlight being the chica who sang "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen (made popular in the '90s by the great Jeff Buckley).

Last but not least, special mention to their super-friendly staff. Top notch from the moment we entered until the moment we left.

Stay tuned for W_I_C's article on the main site. And if you want to see pictures and videos, check Ibiza Spotlight's instagram for quality footage by captain Stivi.

528 officially opens its doors this friday, 6th of august. This week open friday through sunday and from next week, thursday through sunday. From 7:55pm (five minutes to eight!) to 1am. Check their booking options
528 closes this saturday so last few days to try it if you haven't yet. It has evolved quite a lot and they brought in extra acts for the closing week. Big plans for 2022...


Has anyone eaten at Nassau beach recently? Got a lunch reservation there tomorrow, interested to see what it's like.



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I'm just back from what's surely been the biggest surprise of the summer for me when it comes to gastronomy.

overall in santa gertrudis. both for the cocktails and the food, plus even more so for the place, the way you can see them working and the lovely team running the shop.

I'm usually a more 'traditional' guy who loves ibicenco places without much pizzazz, but for overall I'm making an exception. I will be back for sure.

ah, there will be an insta story going up on the spotlight insta at some point in the next days!


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after I don't remember how many years we finally made it back to es pins today.

their arroz is as good as always (we had the marinera one instead of the matanza one today) and others on the table had lamb chops and sofrit pagès, I'll let @jimmiz add his thoughts about it.

was a fantastic lunch while it rained cats & dogs outside. very reasonable priced too.

never disappoints!