Restaurant reviews 2017/2018/2019

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Do I still need to book in advance for El Bigotes in October?

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Is it the owner that you were talking about?

Never went there but I think I really need to fill this gap next week ;-)
top pic! that glass jug is called a porron* and getting the angle right is an acquired skill - sadly you don't see people drinking from them so much nowadays

(*not to be confused with a porro which is a spliff!)


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top pic! that glass jug is called a porron* and getting the angle right is an acquired skill - sadly you don't see people drinking from them so much nowadays

(*not to be confused with a porro which is a spliff!)
Back in the days, one of the most famous ibicenco restaurants was called "Es Porron", on the Sant Joan road...
It turned into "Cicale", and now it's "A mí manera"...


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Hayaca at Amare rooftop

Ate here twice in the last week as my parents were staying there. The chef has a Michelin star and is from Argentina - so lots of South American influence. Portion sizes are modest, with emphasis on presentation. Flavour wise, I found several of the dishes overpowered the main thing on the plate. Really well cooked otherwise.

My favourite dish was the chicken thigh with red bean puree or the baked fish in coconut sauce with rice.

The octopus was far too salty - and the least favourite octopus dish I've had on Ibiza all summer. Pork ribs were surprising generous in comparison to the size of other dishes, but too bland.

Dessert wise, I really enjoyed the passionfruit mousse with chocolate cake.

It isn't unreasonably priced in my opinion. 3 pax with soft drinks only = around €100


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Thaï in San Miguel yesterday was a disaster...
Oh dear☹


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everybody aka maria‘s aka the fish shack closed yesterday. we just wanted to have lunch there now and they‘re disassembling the shack as we speak


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A roundup from 3 weeks in Sept/Oct, finally getting back online....

Top spots for us this year were:

[EDIT: meant to say "top NEW spots for us." I omitted some longstanding favorites we visit every year; in that category Es Caliu and Aubergine are still best of the island in my book]

Can Mimosa - favorite discovery this season; outdoor patio, nice grill, fresh garden; something for everyone and in a beautiful setting.
Es Cafe - legit Thai in San Vicent, never thought I'd rate an Asian restaurant in IBZ but this one was something.
Can Domingo - steep but worth the price
La Fragata in Formentera - best service of any restaurant we visited, truly standout...and the food was great too.

Biggest disappointment was A Mi Manera. There was one vegetarian entree on the menu (spaghetti with buratta); and when my wife who is vegan asked if they could swap the burrata for a vegetable (ANY vegetable), the kitchen said no. So her dinner was literally spaghetti with tomato sauce. This from a place that hypes up its veggie garden. I've not encountered a kitchen so inflexible in years, actually since I stopped going to another fancy Italian restaurant in Ibiza with a veggie garden (to remain unnamed). That episode aside, the food I had at A Mi Manera, since I was the only one of the two of us who could eat there, I found OK but nothing special and overpriced.
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has any1 ever been to Natural Mystic?
i realy wonder how the food would have been, but as we went there, we had a terrible experience, the waitress forgot or ignored us for more then half an hour after ordering the food, she never came back to bring the wine, water, alio, olives and the bread, my wife and i where realy trying to make contact with her and the rest of the staff, but no1 ever came back to our table, after about half an hour of waiting and beeing ignored we got up of our seats and left, as we drove away i could see some1 from the staff looking for us...;) later that night the owner wrote me the following whatsapp:



Hi - has anyone been to Es tragon? I'm currently looking for a special occasion dinner and wanted some feedback before booking. Thanks!
we went two years ago. worth every cent. an experience!!
I've never been to Es Tragón but it's the only restaurant in Ibiza with a Michelin star so it has to be very good. Quoting white_isle_calling, it really slays those shit rag misconceptions about San Antonio...


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Can Mimosa in Santa Gertrudis. Best meal we've had so far this trip. Fresh ingredients, simple dishes, not trying to do too much, hit the spot. We'll be back.
open, winter too, according to my local sources, a lot of people hang out there. very high on my list, next visit.
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